skinny white jeans and a phat-bulous top

Hello guys,

had a decent weekend I hope?
We’ve been experiencing unexpected cooler weather here which is Such a relief from the regular hot days! Gosh I must sound like a Singapore weather girl with my regular updates on my climate hahaha..well what can I say, I thrive better in a slightly cooler climate.

Had an impromptu date night with the hubster at Awfully Chocolate, an awesome choco-cafe paradise for us local cacao lovers. I decided to test-walk my new wedge heels for the look today. Quite momentous since its been close to a decade since I last wore anything remotely high heeled! My feet are killing me now but oh am I happy 🙂
There’s just something about women with our accessories – bags, shoes, lingerie, jewellery – isn’t it? Or maybe it’s the Indian in me that loves the adornment 😉

look for the evening :



loose fitted printed top – Baby Phat
white skinny jeans – ASOS uk 18
pink wedge heels – Rubi shoes
thick golden hoop earrings – Diva



I had to wear a black camisole underneath the top because of the kimono sleeves, and peekaboo neck line. If you’re not as modest as I am, I reckon a pretty bikini bra underneath would do just fine. I would consider That alternative if I wore this to a beach party.

It’s frustrating getting the right fit for jeans because I am hour glass hips and thighs sit well with the jeans but it gets much too baggy at the waist so I had to use a belt to hold it together .. there was WAY too much butt cleavage happening without the belt!!


Most people are not accustomed to seeing a plus size girl dressing with confidence around here. There are plenty of us who do so, but it’s a tiny fraction of the massive population on this tiny island. So it’s always fun to give the onlookers something to talk about when I am posing outdoors haha!

I love the feel of the top, the flowy fabric and patterns make for a gorgeous ensemble with white jeans. If you’re not shy about showing those legs off, I reckon this would look pretty good with a short denim skirt. It’s quite versatile and that’s what I like to have in my wardrobe!

Makeup was kept to a minimum, basic concealer and eye concealer. I used a new lippie tonight, a hue of pink and purple from Indian brand Lakme. What I Love about brands like Bobbi Brown, MAC and Lakme is that they cater to duskier-coloured skin. I am proud of the glow my brown skin has and products from these brands really highlight that.





Speaking of Lakme, my next post will be about Lakme Fashion week that just happened at the end of August. It was the Winter/Festive season – India doesn’t experience fall and the end of the year is chockfull with major Hindu festivals, plus it’s wedding season. So stay tuned for that post!

This is your blogger signing off for the night, have a great week ahead and remember to own those sexy curves you have!

xxxo Aarti Olivia


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