Everybody is Photogenic

Last week, I read a post on Facebook that stated that We will never know how we actually look like in person. If we were to clone ourselves, it would take us a while to recognise the doppelgänger in front of us.

The mirror lies ..

Then, I saw this video on the Upworthy website and it reinforced my opinion. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

This photographer has snapped millions of faces and guess what? He has yet to see someone who is Not photogenic.

and If someone tells you that you look better in person, or tells you that you look better in pictures – How valid can those statements really be? Since we all have refracted vision of ourselves thus of others as well.

The definition/s of the word Photogenic:

Looking attractive in photos or film
Producing or emitting light

I like that the photog used the latter to define the word. Because it is so very true, we all have that spark of light in us waiting to be captured in the blink of an eye, a shutter click, a video.

So the next time you think that you’re not photogenic enough, watch this video :

Everybody is Photogenic Project

Remember my loves,
you don’t need the validation of another person to know that you are special. That you emit light from within.

You Are Enough

xxxo Aarti Olivia Dubey


3 thoughts on “Everybody is Photogenic

    1. totally agree, I look forward to seeing his progress. I love taking pictures of people and I have yet to see an un-pretty face. There is something special everyone brings, be it in person or a photograph! Which is why I like to pay attention to people, even if I meet them for 5 minutes.

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