strapless peplum striped top: weekend edition

Happy Sunday guys!
Hope your weekend is going well 🙂
Before I have my Sunday afternoon siesta, let me show you a different style to wear the peplum top that was featured in my previous post.




For an evening out with friends, I paired the peplum top with my skinny indigo jeans, a standout necklace and a darker shade of lipstick. The necklace was bought off eBay from a local seller, and colourful loafers are the same brand as the black ones I wore in the previous look.

I opted for a deeper shade of blush (Lancôme) and deep brown shade of lipstick by Indian cosmetic brand Lakme. The shade is Brick and it’s rather dark if applied generously so go easy if you want a more understated look. What I am learning about makeup as I watch the you tube tutorials is that a little bit of product goes a long way.

It got a little chilly in the air conditioned restaurant so I layered with a cream short sleeved shrug. I tried on different colours before deciding on cream for this look, it complemented the look better than my dark blue or tan shrug.

Chat soon guys,
play mix and match with your wardrobe before you choose to shop for an item you might not need – just a quick tip! 😉

love, Aarti Olivia Dubey xxxo

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