Metallic Pink : Curves Become Her turns 1

Hello !
It’s been a busy week and I have sleep to catch up on, but I had to do my once weekly plus size fashion post so here we are!




Flared skirt in metallic pink – ASOS
Charcoal tee – Cotton On
Ballet flats – Rubi

It has been so fun pushing the envelope and trying looks that I would not have gone for a year ago.

I got a ‘birthday wish’ from WordPress this week, which means CBH is officially a year old!

and What better way to celebrate than have a blog shoot ?

I felt all girly and giggly in this look, it’s the feel of the flared skirt. Definitely one for proper upkeep when washing and ironing. Oh but it’s worth the work! I would not have known that a very flared skirt would have worked on my silhouette. Glad I dared to try it.




Quick tip with this skirt : Do NOT bend over to pick an item off the ground. Squat if you really have to or ask someone to pick the item up for you. The hubster got quite the view before I left the apartment and thank goodness he warned me about it! Not that he was, men 🙂


Makeup was kept basic, just added a swipe of grey eyeshadow at the corners to brighten my tired eyes.

Here’s a shot with the very camera-shy hubster :


I dedicate this post to him.
For loving me at my best and at my worst. For being so encouraging with my endeavour with the blog, and For always being the person to put the biggest smile on my face 🙂

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