the 30 something hipster

Hi guys!
So I tried a new look for this post, just like I did with the metallic pink skirt.




black skirt with suspenders – ASOS
leopard printed mini dress – Cotton On
Black boots – H&M
necklace – thrift store
Fedora – overseas

Just like the pink skirt, this was a look I took up as a challenge – that a big girl like me could carry this off. I love the hipster vibe of the skirt, hence the title.

I could have paired this with my striped crop top in black & white or a plain tee but I wanted some colour. Having purchased that dress ages ago but not having worn because it was too short for my liking, I decided to pair it with this skirt. That’s when I chose to go with my tribal accented statement necklace, perfect to go with animal prints.

I decided against heels and went for boots instead to give the look an edge. To add some extra style, I added an old favourite – my black fedora πŸ™‚






The skirt might still be in stock at ASOS so check out the website if you like how it looks. As a girl who is conscious about her thighs, I didn’t feel uneasy wearing it and it certainly didn’t look unbecoming. Yet another style I have chanced upon that I love!

You can always go with a bodysuit/leotard as a top, or a tee. There are plenty of ways this piece can be jazzed up, and just like the camo leggings I promise to bring you a different look to how this skirt can be worn. Soon!

Have yourselves a good weekend,
and remember – claim your curves because they become you!

Lots of love,
xxxo Aarti Olivia Dubey


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