something different : a descriptive written account

Prior to starting this blog, I typed my thoughts down in another that no longer exists. I am a writer, more than a conversationalist or fashion blogger. Sometimes what I see and capture in my mind’s eye cannot be expressed in any other way aside from my words. Here is a descriptive post on the blog shoot I posted yesterday. I hope you enjoy it πŸ™‚

Like every blog shoot, I was dabbing at my perspiration partly due to the humidity, partly due to nerves. Before leaving the apartment, I stand in front of the mirror and take a good look at myself. I appraise my reflection in the mirror and smile.


As soon as I step out of the cab and meet the hubster, I am scanning the sights for a good spot to snap the photographs. This evening, I was on a rooftop garden as the sun began to set. The billow of the wind beneath the flounce of my skirt made me feel sexy and confident. Having been a dancer for many years, I love striking poses as if in mid-dance. I enjoy working with the outfit that I have for each shoot, for each look emotes a different mood, a different sway to how I carry myself.


I am at my element when I am coquettish. There is a giggle that barely escaped my lips as I turn my head toward the sound of the shutter. Somedays I may pout if I find myself in a grouchy mood, on others I am simply stoic because I am trying to convey my blog shoot ideas to the hubster who (bless his sweet soul) is trying to accommodate to my hyperactive thought processing.


There are some days where I find myself trudging my feet to get the pictures taken. This was not such a day. I felt comfortable in my skin. Gone are the days of sucking the tummy in, I promised myself since the conception of the blog that I would present myself in all my flawed glory. I had nothing to hide, I was no longer going to be ashamed of my silhouette.


As the sun was setting, the light cast a different glow to my surroundings. It felt good to be here, in this very moment, listening with amusement to the loud chirping of cockatoos in the distance and bathing in the last of the sun’s rays for the day.


It was a beautiful evening.


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