tomboy : striped jeans & peplum jacket

Hello guys,
Im sorry for the radio silence last week.
I have been having a rough time facing my demons and battling self esteem. Something most girls know too well.
I am still under the weather but I refused to let that rain on my parade, and had a blog shoot on Sunday.

The Look :





Cotton On white tee
Black peplum jacket (eBay UK)
Skinny striped jeans (ASOS uk 18)
Boots – H&M
Necklace – Diva

As much as I enjoy wearing clothing that make me feel more feminine or accentuate my curves, I am and always will be a tomboy at heart. I have a penchant for androgynous fashion because I feel comfortable enough in them to walk with my tomboy swagger. I look up to the personalities from the past and present who defy stereotypes and dress as they see fit – Katharine Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Janelle Monae, La Roux.

I have never really been effeminate in my ways, probably due to the fact that my father brought me up allowing me to play with my toy cars and ditch the Barbie dolls. One of the things the folks did right was to let us be ourselves 🙂

The skinny jeans are not the most flattering bottoms that I own, but I like the fact that it is a statement piece of its own. It’s bold, stylish and goes perfectly with my boots.

I have been meaning to buy blazers and sweaters, so this peplum jacket is a start. I can’t stock my wardrobe with too many jackets because lets face it, I live in a predominantly hot & humid country. But I do want some staple pieces to glam up a look when the occasion calls for it or when the climate gets unusually cooler for a change.

What I like about a peplum blazer is that it can be used for both a feminine look – say with a pencil skirt and camisole – and a more rugged affair – skinny jeans and a t shirt. The waves at the back of the jacket gives off a steampunk vibe which I totally love.

I went for a brighter necklace to add a pop of colour to the look. Orange is one of the popular colours this fall.

Here are a few shots taken without the jacket, a nice look for a music festival I reckon.



Some impromptu shots, Aarti style :




I have NO idea why my hand was raised to my shoulder in the last pic, like Im taking the national pledge! :p

Here are detailed shots of the little accents in the ensemble :




I was grouchy and moody, but perked up after getting into the swing of the shoot. It’s always such fun shooting with the hubster, who rallies my spirits and makes me laugh 🙂



So that’s a wrap!
Plenty of pictures shared this time round!
I feel a more personal, heartfelt post coming on so stay tuned for that in the midweek..or heck maybe even tomorrow.

I refuse to apologise for my body.
It isn’t something to be ashamed of.
And if you have people in your midst who make you feel that way, it’s time to get vocal and speak your mind.

From one curvy girl to another,
I bid you adieu xxxo Aarti Olivia Dubey


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