striped B&W jeans on a Saturday night

Hello my loves!
I hope you’ve had a fulfilling week and are in good health. Oh have I been ill this week, still recovering from the flu. And I had a really painful back strain that hurt for days, in fact it still does! But no matter, Im getting by and did not let a Saturday night slip away without meeting my buddies 🙂

The Look :





Chiffon Hi-Lo top in black: Cotton On sz L
striped skinny jeans: ASOS sz uk 18
black tank top: Cotton On sz L
long necklace: Mango

So this was another take on the striped jeans look from the previous ootd post.
I call this my Casual Chic look – where it’s not Too dressy but yet not That laid back.
So if you have a long day out on the weekend but are kicking back with friends at the end of the day with drinks at a club, it’ll still do 🙂

The necklace from Mango was an impulse buy from years ago and I love how classy it looks against the black top.


I went for a darker shade of lippie and applied kohl across the upper eyelid. It’s a makeup style I have been using for ages and I always love me some dark lippie! For people who say that dark shades make you look older, I say pish posh! Just wear the shade that you love.
Be adventurous, but have your ‘comfort zones’ to fall back on 😉


I’ll be getting a proper blog shoot done later this Sunday, so stay tuned!

Before I end this post, I’d just like to say that I am so humbled and grateful for your feedback and comments. I value your opinions and am even more inspired to do what I am getting done through this blog – teaching myself and others to love our bodies! Hope you’ll enjoy the tongue in cheek picture posted below 😉

Sending you heaps of love,
xxxo Aarti Olivia



4 thoughts on “striped B&W jeans on a Saturday night

    1. oh what a nice thing to read just before I go to bed! thank you Rosie, yes I agree it’s definitely bold and a statement piece. I was unsure if I could pull it off but Im glad I tried anyway! Because now I know that I CAN pull it off, and so many other chicks out there oughta to take a chance with their wardrobe choices sometimes to keep things fresh! 😀

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