festive season body shaming

it’s no secret that as joyous the festive seasons can be, it can be downright stressful.

If your surroundings are anything like mine, you’ve probably had nosy relatives give you the side-eye as you scooped a portion of food onto your plate that is followed by ‘friendly advice’, ‘concern’ or if they don’t mean well at all .. a rude remark.

For those that can relate to what I am talking about, let me share my past experience :

I used to starve myself before lunches and dinners so that I could fit into a party outfit that I believed would magically fit my body perfectly, even though it was 2 dress sizes too small. But it wouldn’t fit and I felt worse after someone would take a dig at my size. My natural reaction to a body shamer was to snap at the person and walk away in anger.

People will always find something to pick on – size, marital status, starting a family. Annoying but true.

I do still react to fat shaming, although my reactions are less volatile and the repercussions of such incidents do not upset me as much as they used to. It is an area that I am very committed to working on, call it a personal goal or paradigm shift.

I have learnt a few things over the years that keep me from overreacting and give those words much less power over me:

I will Never be good enough for anybody else but myself and a select group of ppl who love me as I am. And that’s okay.. I don’t aspire to please everyone.

Everyone should have a safe place to go to when they begin to feel overwhelmed and we should have a person or a few people with whom we can blow off some steam with, who can give us a reality check and remind us not to take ourselves so seriously.

During such occasions I wear what makes me feel good Now, not something that I will feel good putting on after I have lost the pounds to fit into it or something that is supposed to look ‘slimming’. That is something that you do not see me doing
In my outfit of the day blog posts either- opting for outfits that purportedly will slim my silhouette. I am learning to own my body in its flawed glory.

So for the people out there who are feeling a tad self conscious or stressed over the holiday season, let me just say that the fussing & fretting is not worth your energy. And if a person decides to come forward and try to shame your body – either tell them that this is not the time or place to be taking about it, tell them that you have a pretty good idea of how to take care of yourself.

Or if you’d like to be snarky too ..
just tell them that it’s none of their business.

My Body, My Choices.

Sending you all heaps of love over this Thanksgiving weekend! Have lots of fun!

xxxo Aarti Olivia

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