Friendsgiving dinner in the pink bodycon dress

Hello my loves,
my lovely pal Soma hosted Thanksgiving dinner earlier tonight for her closest friends at her place and boy can she throw a charming get-together! We had an awesome feast and a really good time chatting away!

I wore the pink bodycon dress from the previous outfit of the day post, but with a different take on it (you’re seeing a pattern now aren’t you?).

The Look :




This was a less formal version of pulling off a look with the bodycon dress. A look I wouldn’t mind using for a music festival or a day out in town.




blue statement choker – Diva (Australia)
vintage cross body bag – eBay Singapore
jelly ballet flats in pink glitter – thrift shop
sunglasses – Cotton On

Soma did instruct us to dress up, so after putting the shades, shoes and bag was believable as a semi-formal look. Soma really goes the extra mile with events held at her place, and she made hair crowns out of fresh flowers for all of us ladies at the dinner! I chose to place mind at the side, I think it suited me better.


Later into the night, I decided to bun my hair up and get a Frida Kahlo inspired look with the hair crown. I am an absolute fan of the late great artist.


I shall leave you with some candid shots of my close pals and I at the awesome Thanksgiving Party.

Oh yes before I do so, let me just say that on this Thanksgiving I am thankful for :

1)my family of friends

2) my husband

3) my crazy brood of 5 pets

4) my plus size blogging endeavours – the experiences as well as people it has introduced me to (yes, YOU my readers are part of that group!)

5) the roof over my head, the 3 meals that I get to eat, clean water, running electricity – not everybody is able to gain access to these basic human needs.

As tough as the going can get, I am very thankful for a whole lot of things that I cannot even begin to write down because the list is exhaustive! I try to take stock of the privileges I have, and the life that I carved out for myself.

Thank you for being here with me on this continually enlightening journey towards body positivity and fashion blogging!!!





2 thoughts on “Friendsgiving dinner in the pink bodycon dress

    1. thank you darling H! Yes an evening with friends over the weekend is something I look forward to all week long 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to you too ❤️

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