white blazer, white jeans

Hi guys!
Hope you have an awesome weekend ahead. Love this time of the year when it gets cooler and it’s time to head for a holiday with the hubster. He ends work for the year as of this evening, the special needs kids he works with usually go on their family holidays that’s why. So we will have plenty of time to chill out together and have outings. Can’t wait!

This was my look for an evening out and about town yesterday :




white blazer – ASOS uk sz 18
sleeveless body top – Asos uk sz 16
white skinny jeans – ASOS uk sz 18
chain – vintage
ear studs – Diva (Australia)
shoes – Charles & Keith
purse – ASOS (Eco friendly line)

White is such a favorite of mine and it’s aside from grey, it is a popular colour this season.

I have not owned blazers until this year,
they looked so fetching on the other plus size bloggers that I decided to give it a try for myself. I quite like the extra bit of style it lends to even a simple outfit. This look is decidedly casual chic – and you know how much I endorse that look 🙂

The lining of the jacket is comfortable and the sleeves may be a tad long but I still think it looks rather good. A white blazer is a good start, aside from the cropped black peplum blazer that I wore with the striped skinny jeans. Looking
forward to purchasing some cool blazers in the coming year with prints, nice colours and textures. I am pretty sold on blazers now!

Accents of the Look :



These Oxfords flats are just the snazziest aren’t they?


This purse is Eco-friendly and was actually made with rice grain sacks. I hope to incorporate more ‘green’ items in my looks and makeup because I really make an effort with going green in my daily life. The household cleaning products, light bulbs, body washes, facial cleanser, candles, even my refrigerator that I utilise are environment friendly. I
cherish the planet that we dwell in and hope to make my little bit of effort in keeping it from chemical harm.



the patterns on this body top are very pretty. I plan on buying few more body tops and plain shirts for layering purposes, they’re an important wardrobe staple.


Some close-ups :




Wearing my favourite lippie for Fall, from Maybelline. Mixed that shade of mauve with a really deep shade of my purple Chanel lipstick. Quite like the result!

Looking forward to my next post this week, yes it will be a different take on the blazer, as well as a chat about some projects that I have been a part of. Can’t wait to share them with my readers!

Stay awesome my folks and remember,
your lumps bumps tiger stripes dimples and curves become you. So own them!

lots of love,
xxxo Aarti Olivia


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