Tomboy Tarts! The interview and podcast

As most of you know, I am a self-professed tomboy and I enjoy dabbling in androgynous fashion immensely. So I was chuffed to get an email from local podcasters known as Tomboy Tarts to give an audio and email interview.

These three lasses are women after my own heart – they believe in advocating body positivity and believe that style can be had at any size. They wanted to know if curvy girls can partake in the androgynous style and were curious to find out about Curves Become Her, my journey with the blog thus far and my future endeavours.

Here is the link for the interview:

I do hope you check it out and lend me your thoughts on how you found the interviews!

I will be collaborating with them in the near future for style and body positive related posts, and I will share them when they have been done.

I look forward to many more collaborations with like-minded people and groups, so if you’d like to work with me do send me an email at

As always ladies, take care and love your curves however big or small! We are beautiful in our imperfect glory 🙂

xxxo Aarti Olivia



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