pleated green skirt

It was the hubster’s birthday and met up with friends for dinner and drinks this Friday evening.

I had originally decided on one look, but decided to change my top. Here’s the original look:



embroidered baroque crop top – eBay uk (size 16)
pleated green skirt – ASOS (size 16)
black sash as belt, lion pendant chain (Cotton On).

I had this idea of a pretty crop top with the skirt in mind the moment my eyes chanced upon the skirt, but I decided to keep it simpler (plus the beads were beginning to scatter around, it’s a very fragile top). I will definitely give the top another go on a different ootd post, in the near future.

This was the look I eventually went with:




dark purple leotard top – eBay uk
green espadrille platform shoes with yellow polka dots – thrifted

As much as yours truly enjoys dressing up, somedays I just prefer to keep it simpler. I didn’t want to fuss with a cardigan with the crop top, not very conducive for a hot and humid day!

I really like the mix of purple and green, and was looking forward to creating a look with the colours. So that was another big reason why I opted for Look number 2, as much as I loved Look number 1.

The skirt comes with a lining and has a breezy chiffon material. To accentuate my waist, I added the black satin sash.


I do not usually make a conscious decision to wear an outfit that will accentuate my curves or appear slimming because I enjoy a wide variety of style choices. So wearing a pleated skirt is right up my alley, and no amount of saying “that won’t suit your body shape” should stop me or you from dressing now we want to.

I feel a more personal post coming on soon so stay tuned!

Til then, remember to be kind to yourself!

xxxo Aarti Olivia


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