Hello 2014!

Hello my darlings!
How has the new year been treating you? Mine is riddled by glandular fever ugh. But never mind about that, I am posting my first outfit of the day post for 2014 🙂

The Look :




Forever 21 Plus – long sleeved peplum top
ASOS – dark denim skinny jeans
ASOS – cateye sunglasses
DMK – snakeskin short heels




The top was part of my F21 Christmas haul and I love the material..it’s not scratchy and isn’t too clingy to the skin. This was a more formal look with the top, stay tuned for a more casual spin.

It’s a simple beginning, looking forward to doing up my future posts for your viewing and reading pleasure!

It wasn’t a walk in the park taking these pictures what with swollen glands and a stubborn fever. But regardless of how I feel, it’s about about loving myself at any juncture. I am grateful for little blessings and small pleasures, this illness is temporary! There will be healthier days to come 🙂

Hope you’re in good health, stay safe and keep warm if it’s really cold or harsh where you are. It’s been crazy weather of late everywhere!

Sending you lots of love
Aarti Olivia Dubey xxxo



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