striped peplum top & striped crop top

Hi guys!
Wow we’re already into the 2nd weekend of the new it passing super quick or slowly for you guys?

It’s been slow for me, due to the illness but Im sure it will pick up when I recover from this annoying glandular fever 🙂

You know I always take a different spin on my statement piece of the week, so here’s version number 2 with the F21 striped peplum top :




baroque leggings – Cotton On Aus sz XL
black loafers – Rubi
earrings – (Christmas gift! thanks Soma!) Lovisa

pardon the grimy hair! Just one of them days when I was too pressed for time to luxuriate in a hair wash, you know how it is to style it right and all right ladies?

I’m sure a brighter shade of pants or a skirt would have done just fine, but I was feeling these leggings for this look so I just went with it.



How pretty are these earrings??
I call them my Great Gatsby earrings, and if you’ve seen the movie you’ll know why I say that.

I am not one for resolutions but I did promise myself to have more fun so I took up the latest challenge by Skorch Magazine – the crop top. I love that style but admittedly have not purchased many (food for thought: must buy more of them), so I had a simple ensemble for the challenge.




striped B&W crop top – River Island uk sz 18
black leggings – Cotton On Aus sz XL
black boots – H&M

I am a firm believer in reinvention and being adventurous, so this is a small step towards getting even more comfortable in my own skin.

Time to catch up on some zzzz now,
hope you have a great weekend!

Aarti Olivia xxxo


2 thoughts on “striped peplum top & striped crop top

    1. of course you can be brave enough doll! Take a leap of courage and do it, you’d look superb in a crop top!

      Peplum is so versatile isn’t it?
      Yeah I love that top too, one of my favs now 🙂

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