white bodycon dress

Heya Chickies!

It’s my 3rd .. Or is it 4th week with my gf (nah not the kind you’re thinking..) as in Glandular Fever. Feeling better, there is a semblance of a more normal Me instead of the dopey on meds loopy girl. So Im looking forward to starting the year PROPER from next week. Onwards!!

This was my outfit of the day (v 1.0..you know by now there will be a version 2.0 over the weekend) :





sleeveless bodycon dress with front zipper – River Island uk size 16
white leather wedge heels – DMK
cuff – India
earrings – Lovisa
clutch – ASOS (eco line)

Now I bought this dress sometime ago last year pre-festive season, birthday celebrations & glandular fever and it fit perfectly then. I did not feel as fabulous when I tried it on a few nights before this blog shoot.

But, the whole point of body positivity is to accept your body at the size it is at and to dispel those rude words the critic in your head starts throwing out.
So, I owned the look. It is never about making your body or yourself look good enough for an outfit or a look. NO. It is about making that outfit/look good enough for You. YOU are what makes the look rock.

The dress is extremely comfortable and dare I say, sexy. This more of a look for after-work drinks, and I didn’t add much colour to the look for a change. If you’re familiar with my blog you know that I LOVE adding pops of colour and wearing rich, vibrant shades. Let me see if I can work that over the weekend.

accents of the look :





The faux leather heels were a pair I purchased last year, and needs some getting used to because I have not had the chance to totter in it.

The earrings are a personal favorite. Although you find me wearing a fair bit of chunky fashion accessories, I love simple earrings with a brilliant colour. Green will never go out of style in my fashion books.

So I owned the look and felt pretty good striking my poses. A constant work in progress, but there has been
Progress indeed.

I shall be coming up with post number 2 as part of the Body Positivity Workshop created by the really awesome Leah. Can’t wait to share it.

Stay positive my darlings and
own your curves because they become you 🙂

all my love, Aarti Olivia xxxo



12 thoughts on “white bodycon dress

    1. thanks luv 🙂
      It was love at first sight when I saw that dress online! There are not River Island stores here anymore but I love their merchandise. 90% of my purchases are from the internet which frankly burn a hole in my pocket..but it’s okay, Id rather spend that amt than wear the stupid stuff ppl here assume is plus size fashionable. Here, plus size clothing = baggy, long sleeved attire & bad fabric.

    1. hello luv! aww thank you!
      Do I post the Leibster award image on my blog when I’ve done it? Sorry I am such a dud with this :p

  1. Hello, I’m back. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Leibster award. I still am not sure how it goes but I really enjoy reading your blog. Anyway, there are a few rules and there some questions for you answer. I hope you accept. I don’t know how long this goes on and I don’t have a link for you yet but here are some questions.
    Why did you start blogging?
    How did you come up with your blog idea?
    Do you have a Bucket List?
    If you were to have a reality show, what would you name it?
    What three charities would you like to volunteer for?

    If you were a designer, what type would you be?
    Are you an introvert or extrovert?
    If you started a business, what kind would it be?
    Are you superstitious?
    I had one for online dating but since you are taken, would you have tried online dating?

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