Dressed in tapestry

Hello munchkins,

I’m all weak because it’s the time of the month. My monthly visit from Aunt Flo is harder because of endometriosis and PMDD. So it renders me quite ashen and giddy.

But I keep on keeping on so here’s my first outfit of the day post for the week :




tapestry dress – Forever 21 size 1X
necklace – Diva
animal printed flats – Charles & Keith

For some reason, I felt like going purple with my eye makeup and I think it went rather well with the look.


The pattern on this dress is stunning and I bought it during my F21 pre-Xmas 2013 shopping spree. The fabric is comfortable but my only complaint is that it isn’t fitted at the waist making it look boxy. I didn’t feel like adding a belt though, so I left it as it was.

I paired my lichen green flats to the mix because it would complement the green on the dress. I would have preferred to use a simple long necklace that hung below the waist but I don’t have one that suits this dress so I went with my rhinestone & lilac stone necklace.

Accents of the look:





I am undecided on trying a spin off for this look, I plan to wear a few pieces that you’ve seen during last year’s festive season .. Because I didn’t have the time to carry out a proper photoshoot for them, doesn’t do those pretty outfits justice! So stay tuned for a rehash during the weekend.

Thank you all for the really sweet and encouraging words after my 2nd Love Every Body post. Each blog post that I do – be it fashion, body positive – brings a learning curve and I am a keen, eager student. I hope you’re enjoying the journey as much as I am!

Til my next post, take care and be kind to yourself!

Love, Aarti Olivia xxxo


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