casual chic in the city

Hello loves!
How are you doing?
It’s a long Chinese New Year weekend here in Singapore, so it’s a chilled out period 🙂

I met up with a group of friends in the city to watch a French movie Mood Indigo starring Romain Duris & Audrey Tatou. To say it was surreal is an understatement!

This was my look for the evening :




chambray top – Cotton On sz XL
tapestry skirt – Forever 21 sz 1X
hand accessory – Diva
cross printed ballet flats & sunglasses – purchased in Bangkok

I did wear this skirt for the pre-birthday dinner but the pictures were taken indoors and really didn’t do it justice so this is my rehash. This is a typical look for a day out and about in town, my take on casual chic.

The skirt is a full flared one and I honestly would not have dared to wear this had it not been for my pink flared skirt from ASOS last year. I absolutely loved the flirty look and just had to get this skirt when I laid eyes on it!

I was always a t shirt and jeans/denim skirt girl so it felt super relaxed in the chambray top.

The ‘bracelet’ around my hand really is a long scarf-necklace that I purchased last year but have not had the chance to pair with anything. I thought I’d add it as an accessory to go with the top.

This pair of flats has got to be one of the most comfortable pair of shoes that I own and my feet are thankful for it! I love the print and gosh I really do have to go back to Bangkok for a proper shopping trip – when it is safer to head there, it is rather volatile in BKK at the moment with a state of emergency declared.

I know this week has been quiet on my end, but I do have my reasons. I am on the home stretch with glandular fever and the sporadic fever along with the chest congestion can be a downer. So I have been taking rest, being patient with my body by reading good articles and listening to music. Music is and always will be my soul’s answer to spirituality.



A lot of times, we tend to coop ourselves up in our bubble when we feel lacklustre. But then we head out and surprise ourselves by actually having a really good time. This was such a day 🙂



I have definitely not forgotten that I have a backlog of posts – 2 Leibster award write ups and an awards season fashion post – and I promise to get them done during this long holiday! My soul feels refreshed after today’s outing, it was just what I needed to remind myself that life is too short to stay miserable for too long.

And I hope that if you feel the way that I do on such days, you will take that chance to say ‘Ah sod it Im going out’ and get some fresh air.

um..unless it’s freezing where you are.
Then I’d say stand outside, have a stretch and little jiggy dance and run back into the house!

Whatever Works for you 🙂
Sending you lots of love,
Be kind to yourself

xxxo Aarti Olivia


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