peplum edge – one skirt 2 styles

Hello Hello!
This my version 2 of the statement piece – the Forever 21 peplum hem maxi skirt.

The Look :






tank top & denim vest – Cotton On
peplum hem maxi skirt – Forever 21
cloth necklace – Diva
cut out flats – Rubi

Decided to go for a more vibrant ensemble. Trust me, I had a right headache trying to come up with a second look..this skirt is quite one of a kind and it was not easy thinking of alternatives.

With Spring coming near, it’s time to relish in the colors and if you haven’t gotten the memo, Bold colours are IN.
Turquoise is my birth stone and I’ve loved it for years, it complements my tan.

Accents of the look :







It’s been quite a week. When my loved ones are in distress, I can’t help but get upset. So I’ve been down.

I’ve learnt that self preservation is necessary, so I shall move forward with that thought.

I’m looking forward to my next Love Your Body body positivity workshop post about my arms, shoulders. It’s going to be interesting 😉

Have an awesome new week ahead!
Love your gorgeous curves 😀
xxxo Aarti Olivia


2 thoughts on “peplum edge – one skirt 2 styles

    1. thanks babe! Im sure you would have had your unique spin on it. When I am in need of inspiration, I read fashion magazines and try to imagine if the look would be fitting with my statement piece. More than not, it helps! 😉

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