body loving

Love has so many ways of being shown.

I show love for my husband by being there for him in his toughest times, making him laugh and simply saying I Love You.

I show my love for my closest girlfriends by loving them fiercely and letting them know that they are better than they think of themselves. I am protective of them, affectionate and say I Love You.

I show my pets my love by disturbing
them endlessly with kisses and squeezes. And when they do get a reprimand, I come back to them soon after and hug them. I don’t say I love you’s more like arf woof purr meow

I show myself my love by giving myself a break when I think it’s time to get a breather. Out come the funny movies I watch on loop, the songs I croon to at night (thankfully the hubster is a very deep sleeper), the books that give me solace.

This year I am showing my body a bit more love than I did last year or the year before that.

How can we truly love and accept someone else as she/he is, if we don’t love and accept ourselves?

How can I sit here and tell you to be brave, take chances, love your curves if I don’t believe in the things that I say?

I believe in being true to myself, and therefore true to the people around me.

I just realised something earlier today.
I don’t want to be anybody else But me. I just aspire to be the Best version of Me.

Love your heart, because in all it’s imperfection it gives you life and brings you infinite emotions.

Love your mind, because it makes you thoughtful and introspective..those things can do a great deal of good when utilised well.

Love your body, because it is beautiful in it’s imperfections.

I have learnt not to let the limitations of mind or my body consume me with anger. I have learnt that my heart knows no bounds so I have ‘her’ to rely on when the former two start getting on my nerves.

We have our strengths and weaknesses, we can learn to complement them. Think tea and sugar.

So do me a favour this Valentine’s Day?

Learn to love yourself.
everything else will fall into place from there. I know it because I experience this everyday. And for those bad days? Go easy. Body hate is not skin deep.
Self preservation is a very essential part of our everyday arsenal. Do not let the misjudgements and loveless-ness from others make you feel any less deserving of love.

Here’s me sending heaps, tonnes of love to you, dear ones out there 🙂

xxxo Aarti Olivia



3 thoughts on “body loving

  1. Gurl, you are good. This is inspiring and you need to put this in a publication, you know you should. I really enjoyed this one(I like all of them but this one, right before Valentines’s Day is so right. Yay, thank you Again.

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