jumpsuit newbie

I trust your week has been going alright? Mine has been the usual, work and thinking about the blog (that’s like a 24/7 job!), can’t complain 🙂

So, I have always liked seeing lasses in jumpsuits, jumpers, play suits..whatever it is you call em. They look stylish and the utilitarian concept of it does interest me. Okay, well I know it’s cumbersome having to pull it all the way down when we’re at the washroom..which is why I will never wear it during a certain time of the month nor will I wear it when I know I might get tipsy.

Imagine forgetting to pull the outfit all the way up!! See the thing is, I know that I am fully capable of such an act which is why I know When Not to wear this!

I remember clicking the purchase button on the ASOS website after getting this jumpsuit and I was really unsure if it’d suit my silhouette. Im all for trying new styles but I also am very realistic – if it doesn’t suit my body, why wear it and feel like an idiot, just to keep with the trends? Trends change so quickly anyway so I don’t worry about it and there are always so Many different trends to pick from which makes it less likely that I will find myself without tasteful ‘flavour of the season’ clothing!

Okay enough with the rambling.
By the way, if I am rambling..it means I am all good. If I have outfit of the day posts that have typing to a bare minimum..then you know yours truly is either a) terribly sleepy b)brain drained c) preoccupied, moody.

The Look:





ASOS Curve jumpsuit in geometric patterns (umm I guess), uk sz 18

statement necklace – eBay Hong Kong

orange wedge sandals – Charles & Keith

I am very pleasantly surprised 🙂
A risk that paid off, phew!
This jumpsuit is made out of something like jersey but it does not cling to my body in odd ways and it has pockets (I have fidgety hands, pockets are useful).


To add pops of colour, I brought out my orange sandals. I didn’t want it just to be a palette of warm colours hence I wore the necklace with hues of blue.



I purchased this jumpsuit at the start of Jan this year, when there was a big sale on the ASOS website. I am not sure if it’s still available but I am positive there are other fab jumpsuits in the ASOS Curve collection!

If you aren’t comfortable with a strapless jumpsuit, there are so many out there with halter straps, cami straps so don’t let that deter you from giving it a go. A stylish scarf or cropped jacket would look very chic with it as well.

Now, to rack my head about how I am going to come up with a different spin to the jumpsuit. If you have any ideas on how I could wear it during my weekend post, feel free to let me know!

Stepping out of the house in this jumpsuit and seeing people watch me stride confidently made me feel proud of how far I have come. I always thought that I was extremely resistant to new things and change. But I have surprised myself through my fashion adventures.

and my hope for you dear reader,
is that you surprise yourself by learning to appreciate what you see in the mirror and dressing like the fabulous person that you truly are.

Sending you all my love,
xxxo Aarti Olivia


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