1 outfit 3 looks – the jumpsuit

Hello loves!

I asked my Instagram followers to give me ideas for the spin off looks. So I decided to do one that quite a number of them had suggested, and a look that I had been meaning to try for ages.

Look 1:




As suggested by my Instagram friends, I wore a shrug (well you guys said blazer or bolero but I’d have been roasting in the heat!), tied the hair in a top knot, wore a longer necklace and pointed toe shoes.


I normally tie a messy top knot when I’m at home so that was easy to do – I say this because I am a dud with hair styling..I leave that to the professionals :/

Look 2 :




With this look, I stuck with the pointy heels but changed everything else up. Let the mane loose, added wooden bangles, a necklace from my Bali trip and a floppy hat that I somehow thought suited this ensemble.




(Side Note: Look 1 was accessorised with a bib necklace from Lovisa)

Look 1 was a more casual chic look in my opinion, while Look 2 had a more resort holiday vibe to it.

So which look do you prefer?
How would you have styled the jumpsuit? Give me your opinions, I am always keen to hear from you 🙂

Until my post later today,
sayonara 🙂

xxxo Aarti Olivia


12 thoughts on “1 outfit 3 looks – the jumpsuit

  1. Hey Aarti, I just showed your photos to my sister and mom. i asked what they thought about what you were wearing. They said they didn’t think you look plus- sized. They told me you look good and I just smiled ’cause you do look good.

    1. hey babe, do thank your sister and mom for the sweet words 😀 I think the idea of what a plus sized body looks like is different for a lot of us so I can see why they said that. I am a uk size 18 and I definitely stand apart from the average Asian size. Oh the looks I get and the things that get said to me – by so-called friends, family, strangers – you’d think I was committing a crime by being happy in my size.

      1. you are too, too kind. I am always so stunned for words and touched by your comments. Thank you so much

  2. You know, I’ve always been a bit anti-jumpsuit, just because they always sit so weird on human bodies. But this one is cut so well, it looks awesome! Not to mention your own fabulous styling.

    1. yes I know what you mean, I was a real skeptic about them for the same reason. I was super nervous when this arrived but really pleasantly surprised when I tried it on. It’s changed my mind about it a little 🙂

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