pink leather

Hello loves !

First of all, thank you so much for the really sweet comments after I posted my third Love Every Body post. A lot of women I felt related most to the bit about having fleshy arms, and of deciding to be braver with baring them. Let me just say – hell yes! Everyone is walking about with her/his own load of insecurities and you will be surprised how much of what they say to you (good and bad) is a reflection of themselves. More importantly, listen carefully
to how you speak about yourself. We are our worst critics. Don’t I know it! 😉

I am very thrifty with my shopping without comprising on my style sense. But there are somethings that catch my eye and so I make an ‘investment’.
This evening’s outfit was definitely worth every penny 🙂

The Look:




white peplum top – Forever 21 plus sz XL
pink leather skirt – River Island uk 18
mint green wedge heels – Rubi
pearl earrings – vintage

Leather is a very hot trend at the moment and I have had plenty of black leather skirts, pants and jackets over the years. The cool thing about the trend this year is that leather comes in all colours.

You know my penchant for the colour pink, so I screamed in delight when I saw this skirt on the River Island website! I HAD to get it and I had this exact look in mind from the time I ordered it.

Granted, leather is not conducive to Singapore’s heat and humidity. So this isn’t something I will wear on a full day outing. It’s good for a dinner with friends, or drinks at the pub (just don’t spill any wine on the skirt!). You will tend to totter around in this because it is quite fitted, so keep that in mind. But I LOVE it and it felt really sexy wearing it.

The top from Forever 21 is very comfortable and I plan on getting a few more in similar fabric – it’s breathable and stretchy. You can never have too much peplum in your closet!

I was aiming for a more classy feel to this look hence the vintage earrings (got to love eBay) and mint wedge heels. I also tamed my mane a little with some hair serum and went for smoky eyes with makeup.





I will Not be doing spin offs for this skirt over the weekend, but I will definitely feature another outfit of the day look.

Until my next post,
stay body positive people 🙂

xxxo Aarti Olivia


10 thoughts on “pink leather

    1. thank you H! I totally get what you mean, it’s an Apt description! first I was Ariel in one post now Cinderella and Mulan – wah wah!!

    1. yay!!! if you like cinching it the waist, do what I did – add a sash, or I add a skinny belt. It’s really pretty without a sash/belt as well so Im sure you’d look fabulous in it 😀

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