natural. fearless. fat. body love

Yesterday’s outfit of the day post was very empowering for me.

I am particularly conscious about these parts of my body when being photographed : my chin, upper arms, belly.

But because I had a point to prove with the images, I became a lot less self conscious. I used a hair band which I never do – you will always find me framing my face with my hair.. Which is why I hardly tie my hair up in pictures.

I went really bare with makeup.
I didn’t line my lower eyelash line which I ALWAYS do (it’s an Indian thing) and my lips were sans gloss or lipstick..I simply applied a smidgeon of natural hued lip liner.

I focused on emphasising my curves in the photographs. My skirt was a size smaller than what I usually wear and normally, I’d cover the belly up with a vest top that would cover that region..but I didn’t this time.

Leah’s Love EVERY Body body positivity workshop has made quite an impact on my self perception. Which makes sense since it makes me sit down and ponder on the way I view
my body. I was not expecting a moment of such clarity while posing for photographs!

I looked back at the pictures this evening and I felt something I haven’t felt in ages about myself. I felt proud of myself.

This was the most stripped back,
natural, un-self conscious photo shoot.
It wasn’t a hit with my followers but that isn’t why I have these outfit of the day sessions. It isn’t about gaining validation, that would mean the concept of body positivity has been wasted on me. I am sharing the lessons I take when having fun with fashion and learning to be comfortable in my own skin.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday’s post that I love :









Here’s to being fearless 🙂
xxxo Aarti Olivia


10 thoughts on “natural. fearless. fat. body love

  1. Firstly, you look amazing. Your smile/laugh in the first photo is full of confidence. All my wildest dreams for Love EVERY Body have been exceeded and I’m more proud of all of you than I can say. Fearless looks good on you!

  2. This look is so cute! It’s one of my favourites actually because you look so young and unbridled. But that could be your moment of epiphany being translated in the photo too (; XO

    1. thank you so much!! and you’re right, my newly enlightened state of being definitely translated into the pictures 😀 xx

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