the dolman sleeved dress

I am really fussy about the type of sleeves a top or dress has, as I am sure many ladies out there are.

I didn’t give them a try for fear of looking too large or awkward in them. Well, that attitude is so Aarti of 2011.
This Aarti? She says bring it!

Look for the evening :




Yeah…I couldn’t help dancing around in this outfit because it’s definitely one for the club!


printed dolman sleeved dress with a mini skirt – Forever 21 plus, sz 1X
super rad earrings (no that’s not what they’re called) – ASOS
purple and gold flats – local store



The sleeves are fun and flirty, just mind you do not get your arms stuck in the wrong sleeve hole. I was panicking when that happened because I thought I must have gotten the wrong size!

The skirt is shorter than I normally wear, but I have worn skater skirts and full flared skirt of this fashion so it isn’t something I am uncomfortable with.
Go with cute hosiery if you’d prefer to cover up, or if you’d just like to spice it up get the translucent ones with polka dots or other fun prints 🙂

A belt is another accessory you can throw into the mix. Get a medium sized belt or 2 skinny belts even to sass it up.

With jewellery, the sky is your limit here. A choker, long necklace, bib necklace would work just as nicely as my pair of earrings do, as would bangles.

Heels, booties or wedges would be great with this. I stuck with flats here because I love this pair – my current flavour of the month 🙂

I know you guys see me in lots of whites and pinks, but I do love most colours and have no preferred shade. Okay well maybe white and black. Blue is another favorite and I am loving it in this print!


Close-up of ze Accessories




Love your curves!
Have an awesome week ahead,
chat soon

xxxo Aarti Olivia



10 thoughts on “the dolman sleeved dress

  1. Hey Aarti!,

    Firstly, I would like to say that I’ve somewhat found you as another “me”. I’m a S’porean Indian too, curvy just the same as you (for years….and yes scrutinized by family members always!!! >:x ), and I take psychology too 🙂

    I came across your blog on facebook, and I was pretty excited to know that I’m not alone and I have someone who’s just like me, quirky and all. It was really tough on me sometimes to hide my feelings from fat jokes, and just laugh along with it. I’ve never learnt to appreciate my body for a long time and that truly brought down my confidence level.

    Your confidence in dressing really made me inspired to dress up more, as I’ve always reduced myself to wearing tees and jeans (abit of a tomboy haha).

    Thanks for showing that plus-size can be fun too! Post more fashion/makeup advice! 🙂


    1. Hello Kat!
      Thank you so much for sharing. I know how you feel all too well. I decided to embrace my body in all it’s flawed glory in 2011 and it has been truly eye-opening! I hoped to reach out to girls like you and other girls of different sizes who have felt bad about their bodies because of societal standards. Singapore and the rest of Asia has quite a way to go to embrace body positivity, and I hope that I can contribute to educating & empowering people out there about making positive changes! You have nothing to be ashamed of, you are beautiful my dear. I am glad you enjoy my posts, I will definitely be posting fashion, makeup advice! Let me know if you have specific questions and I will talk about it on the blog. love, Aarti

      1. I would love to see posts on getting through life & love for young adults too 🙂
        Being plus-sized, I guess being insecure about body image can make us retreat back from the dating scene.
        Confidence tips on that too! ❤

      2. well this is a blog primarily for body positivity so I can definitely talk about confidence and becoming more self assured when dating 🙂 thank you for the feedback!

  2. Hi there! I just discovered your blog this morning on Facebook! As a plus sized woman who just moved to Singapore I’m finding ut hard to find clothes in my size. Do you list where you shop anywhere on your blog?

    Cant wait to read through all of your previous posts : )

    Therese x

    1. Hi there! well I do tell my readers where my outfits were purchased from, but I’ll write up a post soon collating those places. It’s a lot of online shopping! 🙂

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