fashion post delay

Hello my loves,

I apologise for the delay.
I had a painful earache and migraine from last Sunday and an ENT specialist on Thursday told me that it’s due to a ruptured eardrum. Its causing havoc on my right ear with constant ringing and pain, and I can’t hear well. Im quite disoriented and am taking antibiotic ear drops and pills..I will see the specialist in 2 weeks time to check on the progress. If it doesn’t get better by then they will have to patch the hole up which may mean surgery.

I was really ill when I posted the latest Love EVERY Body post. I’ve been resting mostly due to weakness and pain.

Hopefully, I will get an outfit of the day post done tomorrow. If I don’t, I’ll get one done next midweek.

Have a good weekend!
love, Aarti xxxo


7 thoughts on “fashion post delay

  1. Hi Aarti I love how you feel good about yourself 🙂 I read from a post in FB that you excercised everyday. What excercises did you do & if you excercised everyday wouldn’t your muscles ache so badly that you couldn’t continue anymore? How long did you take to lose the 15kg? What’s the brand of protein meal-replacement did you consume? Thanks alot!!

    1. Hello Esther. I exercises excessively in the gym and used cardio equipment there. Yes they did ache but I kept at it. I was adamant about losing the weight. I lost 15kg in a year. I was on Herbalife meal replacement protein shakes. But this was all very wrong and I ended up being starved and edgy all the time. I wouldn’t advise it for anyone. And exercise be done according to your body’s pace and capabilities. May I know why you’re asking these questions, I am curious.

      1. Thanks for replying! Oh cos I’m trying to lose weight too and wanted some advice 🙂 I know about Herbalife too and I’m wondering if it is really useful. I admire your perseverence in excercising although they hurt! I can’t do that haha. 15kg was good progress!

      2. Frankly, I don’t think 15kg was good progress. I think it was too much, too soon and I am very glad that I no longer care for such extreme diet & exercise measures.

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