weekend fashion post

Hello loves!
It was my buddy Rachel’s birthday this week so we had a party at a swanky joint in town. The occasion called for some dressing up. I wore a different dress from my outfit of the day post because that dress would not have been forgiving on eating a good meal (too tight!) so this post has 2 dresses to showcase.

Look 1 :





Bodycon dress in black sequins and mesh arms, shoulders – Forever 21 plus size 1X

nude heels – local brand
diamantΓ© wing earrings – eBay




I purchased this dress during my huge pre-Christmas shopping spree last year and I’m still waiting for an occasion to show this beauty off! I would have loved to wear it tonight but I was realistic about how uncomfortable I would be in this already-tight dress after dinner. So I will wait for another time πŸ™‚

Sizing up is not a bad idea because it is skintight. Realistically, wearing this dress in the climate I live in will make me sweat buckets..so it’s definitely one for an indoor air-conditioned outing! I did not want to take attention away from the dress so I kept accessorising to a minimum. I would have liked to wear a black pair of heels but I am still amassing my shoe stash, so I made do with these nude heels.


I went with a simple makeup look. Light bronze over the eyes, my customary black kohl over the lower lashline and a shade of pink for the lips.

This was the look for dinner :



colour blocked bodycon dress – forever 21 plus

vintage earrings – eBay
nude heels – same from Look 1



I bought this dress ages ago and have only worn it once. It’s stretchy and really comfortable, helpful for a big dinner since it mixes fashion and function πŸ™‚

I stuck with the same pair of shoes from Look 1 but changed the earrings. Although the diamantΓ© earrings would have gone just fine, I wanted a different pop of colour from the dress.




Makeup was left unchanged, albeit a little sweatier since it was a balmy evening


This is a pretty photo-heavy post and I hope you enjoy it. I had fun! Dinner with Rachel & Co was highly entertaining and relaxing. My ear is still giving me grief, but I am coping better so I feel less troubled by it. I have a follow-up appointment next week, fingers crossed the antibiotics did some necessary healing!

There is nothing like a good weekend to rejuvenate your senses and get you charged for the new week ahead. I hope you have a great weekend!

Love, Aarti Olivia



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