flowers and pearls

Hey hey!
How’s the midweek going?

Here was my outfit of the day :





silver camisole with embossed prints – ASOS Curve uk sz 18
floral slouchy pants – ASOS Curve uk sz 18
white pointed heels – local store
pearl hair accessory – vintage
pearl necklace – Diva

For some reason, I felt like a pearl hair accessory so I twisted this old necklace, added a few bobby pins (that are cleverly hidden!) and Voila!

This is the first time I have worn a camisole as a top. I normally use a cami for layering under other outfits, I am a tad conscious of my arms. So this wasn’t easy to pull off! But it was simply a matter of getting the whole look done and it didn’t feel so uncomfortable. Admittedly, I did change into another top when it was time to meet my bestie for dinner..and she chided me for it, I am working towards getting braver!

The camisole is light, you would need to go strapless with a bra. Or if you’re feeling brave, then wear one of those nipple pasties. I’m not a big fan of those because I am heavily stacked, it doesn’t hold my puppies well enough 😉

The pants are amazing.
They are comfortable, stylish, seem durable and I just want to buy more of them! I honestly was undecided on these pants like I was about the jumpsuit, it isn’t a style that I have tried before. And just like the jumpsuit, I was pleasantly surprised 🙂

The necklace (not the one on my forehead haha) is an oldie from Diva. It’s classy yet bohemian. It doesn’t go with that many outfits in my closet so I was happy when I could wear it with this look.

Details of the Look





This look definitely garners a weekend spinoff in my books.

Chat soon loveys,

xxxo Aarti Olivia

7 thoughts on “flowers and pearls

  1. Wow, that’s a lovely attire and I specially love your pants. The most fabulous accessory that you’re wearing is your smile!! Keep up the work (y)

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