slouchy pants spin off

My dear muppets,

I am lying in bed blowing my nose, wheezing and basically feeling Meh.
Catching a nasty flu bug while nursing a torn eardrum is not fun.

I must admit, this fashion post was almost not going to happen. 2014 seems to have really pushed my buttons as far as immunity is concerned and Im not pleased about it. It isn’t fun waking up everyday in pain and discomfort. And today I finally caved in and had a bawl.

I have the hubster to thank for wiping my tears, kissing my forehead and giving me a nudge to get dressed for the blog post. Love you baby 🙂

I have not a smidgeon of makeup on for this post, and it is a very casual look that I would wear for a lazy Sunday sitting at a cafe, or enjoying a picnic at the gardens.

The Look :




tee – Cotton On sz L
slouchy floral pants – ASOS uk 18
shades – thrifted
aztec printed loafers – Rubi

I really love tees with fun graphics so getting this top was a no-brainer. Plus, yours truly does have a penchant for Dracula, it is one of the classics that I read without fail, every year. The other 2 classics are Wuthering Heights and a compilation of Keats’ poems. Yes your friend here is a wee bit sentimental and a hopeless romantic.

I digress! Moving on.
These pants are definitely going to be a staple in my wardrobe. I did not think
loose fitted, slouchy pants would work with my fleshy thighs. I learn something new everyday!

Little Details :




Presenting, Mrs Ashen Face


So that’s the look for this evening.

In my ootd post earlier this week, I forgot to add a picture that I quite liked, so here it is :


Remember the aztec crop top and skirt from last week? Here’s a few pictures from before a night out :





Off to bed for me.
Have a good new week ahead!
Hope the start of April has been treating you well 🙂

Aarti Olivia xxxo >


9 thoughts on “slouchy pants spin off

  1. I quite like the slouchy pants look! I’m getting closer and closer to trying on a pair myself. I tried on a similar style at a super discounted, last chance shop. That was perhaps not the best place to try a new style. Because they were complete and utter clown pants. But I’ve seen them in a few other shops I visit, in more stylish cuts and fabrics, so perhaps I’ll give them a try. They look super comfy, and you’ve styled them perfectly for a Saturday afternoon. I love that tee, by the way!

    ❤ Liz

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