Parisian chic (fav shoes – Curves Around the World)

Hiya loves

after a week of recuperating, it was really good to step out and spend some time with my friends. It was cut short after dinner because of a troubled tummy but Im glad to have stepped out anyway!

The Look :





Cotton On striped top, ASOS curve dark green skater skirt, black beret, dark green flats (Charles & Keith), necklace – eBay

I have always adored Parisian fashion,
and I do tend to style a few of my outfits in this manner. So I decided to have some fun with the skater skirt by adding a Parisian touch with the striped top and beret. It would have been perfect with the right boots but, ah well! Still amassing my rad shoe collection, all in good time 🙂

The quality of this ASOS curve skirt is top-notch. There have been some purchases that have not really felt ‘value for money’, and Im sure some of you regular ASOS buyers have experienced it some time or another. That was not the case with this purchase . It’s also very soft and the full flare of this skirt is so pretty!




I believe you last saw me wear this necklace for my birthday dinner at that beautiful Balinese restaurant.


No nail polish day!
This pair of shoes from Charles & Keith has got to be my favorite pair right now. I love this shade of green, that it is infused with an exotic print and how comfortable it is – comfort is an essential factor given how injured my feet are.


Don’t ask me why my feet are positioned as they are, I swear I have the weirdest poses! It’s taken me time to pose without looking like a cuckoo :p

So this is me for now,
I hope to be more active on the blog since I am recovering well.

It was good to catch up on reading and good movies this week. I do have a lot of backlog now though, so time to crack those knuckles!

I hope this post finds you well,
have a great weekend 🙂

love, Aarti Olivia xxxo





13 thoughts on “Parisian chic (fav shoes – Curves Around the World)”

  1. you look amazing – love this outfit – you surely had fun taking these pictures….. both the skirt and the flats I have deep love for them!!! Amazing post …. hope you get better soon!!!

  2. I love this outfit!!!!! The skirt is perfection! The photos are so fun! Great post lady! 🙂

  3. Super cute outfit, I love the color of the skirt and it matches so perfectly with the shoes. The flats are super cute, I love the color and the animal print in the back. I hope you feel much better soon! 🙂

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