girl gone retro

So I was unsure about this outfit because it’s a really new style on me. I posted a few images of it on my Instagram page to get a Yay or Nay and it got a decent Yay so here goes:

The Look:

H&M long sleeved chiffon maxi dress in retro prints, black medium belt (thrifted), black mid-calf boots (H&M), diamantΓ© hoops






See the thing is, I was undecided if I ought to have let my hair down so I did that a little way though the shoot. Then I wasn’t feeling the look of the dress with the belt, so I took that off and posed. Then I started sweating buckets in this heat so I bunned the mane up again, which is when Su decided to stop and take a few pictures because he liked the lighting of the streets. So go figure!
Viva Experimentation! Was good fun.


I feel sentimental about this look, because I remember watching my mom dress up for an evening out..swathed in flowy chiffon, with her beautiful wavy tresses, slinky kitten heels and statement red lipstick. I used to be seated on the floor, poring through a picture book and inhaling the spritz of her perfume and spying the sheen of her toe nail polish. She looked like an angel, especially with the fluorescent lamp over her head πŸ™‚

I wear a lot of chiffon and this has been going on for decades now. It’s good for this hot & humid climate, it feels soft on my skin and if a rush of wind passes me by..the chiffon cools the perspiration.

I have only worn chiffon tops and midi dresses, keeping them short sleeved and breathable.

So this was new.
I was channeling my inner retro diva by thinking of my mom and J.Law of American Hustle..hence the initial updo.

I decided to do a night shoot for this look because I thought it was more fitting, like a look for a night in the casino which ties in well with this week’s Curves Around The World theme πŸ™‚




Little Details :





Happy Easter my darlings!
Have a splendid weekend.
I know what I’ll be doing – plenty of resting up, catching up with friends and hanging with the hubster.

These are my fellow Curves Around the World fashionistas’ links, do check their blogs out!

Kate from Australia

Helen from England

Thulie from South Africa

Nina from the USA

Aislynn from Denmark

Jennifer from Germany

I removed the previous post,
simply because I don’t want that sorta bad juju hanging around. That period was a passing of grey clouds. I don’t ever get That morose, but it was just a rough couple of days. I gave myself a reality check and got back on my feet.

So there.
Life Happens.

xxxo Aarti Olivia


16 thoughts on “girl gone retro

  1. Afternoon

    I want to first say great post. Also the dress love it. I’m glad you did do a post you don’t need a yay or nah. I love your hair up and another idea would be a messy bun then it would be boho lol now I wear bigger hoops i know it’s all on style oh and bangles are nice like silver or gold ones. But in all I love it and hm going there today. Enjoy

    1. thank you my love.
      Yes you’re right, it’s healthy to vent and let go. Hope you’ve been keeping well! xx

  2. You loooook goooorgeous, my sweet friend. Truly, this dress is so flattering and so beautiful. I never ever wear dresses and skirts (I’m always in Harley gear), but I’m so tempted to try this look. That is saying ALOT! To get a biker woman like me in a dress is nothing short of a miracle. Hahahaha! Anyway, this is a great post, like all of your posts. You are so beautiful, sis. πŸ™‚

    1. aww gosh thank you So much!!
      I want you to let me know when you a wear a dress and take a picture of it! Biker chicks are SO cool πŸ˜€ Have a beautiful new week ahead my dear πŸ™‚

      1. Hhahahaha! You got it, sis. I promise to do that, if that ever happens. The last time I wore a dress was when my sister got married four years ago and I had to wear the dress because I was in the wedding party. I was none-too-pleased about it, but my sister veto’d my idea to wear leather and boots. Hahahahaha!! You are adorbs. I love your spunk. πŸ™‚

      2. I love your spunk too!
        Leather and boots for a wedding is So awesome. I used to wear boots all the time and it annoyed the hell outta people but who cares!

  3. Hey, gal – I am really inlove with this outfit – love the maxi dress – its amazing!!! You are really so much beautiful. Hope you enjoyed your easter weekend.

    1. aww Thulie thank you so much!
      I loved your look immensely, you’ve got super cool taste. Hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend too πŸ™‚

  4. Oh my goodness, you look gorgeous, I love that dress on you and I really like how you styled it too. I’m not sure if I like it with your hair up or down because I think it looks great both ways. I think it’s amazing that you have memories of you mom dressing up like this and I totally see the Jlaw inspiration in this, you totally nailed it! πŸ™‚


    1. Hi Nina!
      Thanks so much! Yay Im glad you can see the JLaw inspiration. Can’t wait to see how you did this week’s CATW look!

  5. Very cute outfit. I especially like it with your hair down. I know it doesn’t show the earrings off as well as when your hair is up, but you have such pretty hair!

    1. thank you Aislynn!! yes I do prefer my hair down as well, although it gets Really hot & humid here. Very tempted to go for a haircut :p Have a great new week ahead!

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