black maxi dress : Lazy Sunday spinoff

There is nothing better than a cloudy, rainy, cool day when it’s nothing but Hot Hot and HOT weather where you’re at. I’m sure my lovelies in other parts of the world would disagree but oh to us locals here, having it cool by just a bit is such sweet bliss..

In typical Lazy Sunday fashion,
yours truly does not awaken until past noon. Brunch is had at home followed by an afternoon siesta because I enjoy luxuriating in those! Then it was a slow jaunt to a cafe close by..

The Look





short sleeved maxi dress – H&M uk sz 16
printed flats – Rubi
shades – thrifted
necklace – an old purchase

I think I just might get myself a few of these dresses in different colours because they are so light and soft. Yes they do cling to the skin so I am wearing a slip underneath. The dress definitely hugs the curves nicely and it’s something that could be glam’ed up or kept simple..I can see myself wearing this on vacation with my swimsuit underneath, walking around with ease.


Tortoiseshell shades are my go-to style. Since I was keeping it neutral colored, I opted for this necklace that I have had for Ages. I am not a hoarder but I do keep the accessories that I love. It’s got a few scratches but I don’t care for perfection..still looks good to me 🙂



I am discovering that I cannot peg my sense of style to a particular type or era. I love fashion, I am inspired by the fashion around me and it just keeps evolving. Of course, I don’t forget to have fun, just like yesterday’s shoot.. It was something I was Waiting to get done!

Before I end my post,
I would just like to tell you how grateful I am for you guys. It’s not just about me here, it’s about the plus size community. Feel free to drop in a comment or ask me for a suggestion.
My mind is constantly working around this blog and you guys are a big part of it.

Have a good new week ahead,
All my Love xxxo
Aarti Olivia



6 thoughts on “black maxi dress : Lazy Sunday spinoff

  1. oh how I love this dress!!!! its long and black I mean again who can go wrong with black!! you have height to you i see because it flows lovely. Yes at the beach would be a great post with this dress. The color and such can be styled so many ways. all you need are sandals, a swimsuit and a big floppy hat. nods and you have the glasses so you are set!! oh and a beach bag. lovey post , hope i didnt overwhelm you. xoxoxo jennifer

    1. thank you! I am pretty accessory crazy and quite particular with what looks good on a certain outfit. Yes I read that H&M reached Aussie shores, have fun shopping! 😉

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