Curves Around The World : Hats !


Yay my first fashion post in 2 weeks!

Hello, hope you’re having a really good weekend and a very Happy Mother’s Day – be it celebrating the maternal figures in your life or celebrating your journey in motherhood (fur baby mommies totally count ahem).

The CATW (Curves Around the World) theme for this week is Hats which is Awesome because I love them and have quite a few of them.

Despite an asthma attack on Thursday that was rather severe – last time it was this bad was 2008 – I kicked my butt to get this done before heading to see my mom for our annual Mother’s Day dinner at her place.

Details of the outfit :
Nicky Floral Sweatshirt –, denim shorts – Dorothy Perkins, grey shoes – Rubi

The sweatshirt is available online, at their plus size section that is under the Shop By Fit category. The shorts was purchased in the store, but you can always give the online store a try. Both items are a size uk 18

Hat 1 – beige sun fedora, Cotton On




I got this hat before my trip to Bali in 2012. I knew it was going to be really hot weather there so I wore this around to stop my scalp from frying!
It’s the perfect casual fedora and I am always toting it along when I need some respite from the heat. Plus, it’s cute 😉

Hat 2 – burgundy bowler hat, Cotton On




I can’t help but love bowler hats thanks to Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton! I feel so at home in them and it brings out the goofball in me 🙂

Hat 3 – black newsboy cap, Sportsgirl

This is my very first hat so I had to wear it! I got this during my Uni days in Melbourne and I felt uber chic wearing my winter coat, boots and this beret. Pity I don’t have pictures of me in this ensemble, I was a very stylish postgrad student haha ❤

I have a few more hats which I am pretty sure you have seen in the blog – the black wool beret for Parisian Chic, the black floppy hat for my AHS inspired look, the oversized tan floppy hair with the ASOS jumpsuit. There are a few that have not made an appearance in the blog yet, but you know me .. I love accessorising so they will get their moment to strike a pose 😉

For me, getting a look right is so much more than the outfit that you wear. It's the jewellery, the shoes, hair accessories or hats, bags and shoes. Shoes are a pain because of my injuries so I am not as adventurous as I would like to be in them but that's okay, I do my best and still look good.

The best accessory for a look though?
A smile and a positive attitude 🙂

Ciao !



6 thoughts on “Curves Around The World : Hats !

  1. I wanna say yes I am a fur baby mom !! And we are very deserving of this too lol any who hats are great. Bad hair days, fashion when I have a bad hair day. Love them all Hun so where’s your beach hat ? Xxx

  2. You look great in hats, I’m so jealous because I don’t looks good in hats. I’ve always been a fan of fedora’s but they just don’t suit me. I really like your bowler hat too it’s so cute. I love the sweatshirt, the print is great. Your outfit looks great with both the hats. 🙂

  3. That second hat reminds me of this TV show from the ’80’s called “Blossom”. I didn’t watch the show, I just remember seeing the previews and she always had these fantastic, fun hats (that I of course immediately wanted 🙂 ). You look great in hats, they’re always very hit and miss for me (like sunglasses, if they’re not just right, they’re horrible on me!).

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