What I have learnt so far

I couldn’t think of a witty title so I kept it simple 🙂

I started CBH in late 2012 and I remember celebrating the blog’s half a year mark in 2013, so I am keeping the tradition alive.

These are just a few things that I have learnt along the way:

1) Don’t say Yes to everything.

I’ve received emails from companies asking me to promote apps, products, endorsements but they have had nothing to do with my blog subject matter, so I have had to politely turn them down. It makes no sense to talk about a product or website that has no connection whatsoever to the plus size world, fashion blogging, beauty topics and body positivity.

2) Get Involved

Being an introvert, blogging has been perfection because I can pretty much set up my work station Anywhere, tune my music in and start typing.
But you don’t learn a thing from working all by yourself. So I have made an effort to get out there (in the virtual world mostly but hey it still counts) and connect with other plus size bloggers to challenge myself in aspects that I might not have considered on my own. Sharing our experiences and stories brings out open dialogue that I really enjoy being a part of.

3) Stay Inspired

You just never know what will get the mind whirring with ideas. I have an inspiration board and that is something I turn to when I feel the need to centre myself. I also enjoy viewing the world as my own personal inspiration board. It could be a painting in an art gallery, a few lines from a novel, a fashion parade, a movie .. it could be anyone or anything that gets my mind spinning with ideas.
Which brings me to my next point..

4) Don’t limit your learning curves

Don’t limit the fun you have. I cannot simply pore over a textbook and follow everything in it to perfection. That’s just not fun at all. I bear in mind what the fashion mavens are saying, read the insightful body politics articles and watch the helpful videos but I still work outside of the box because that is how I like to work.

5) Less distractions

It is really easy to get distracted by something on the telly or a funny antic my dog is up to but when I really want to get a post done, I shut myself into my private space. I tune out from the rest of the world so that I can tune in to what I would like to write about.

6) Celebrate little triumphs

This depends from person to person and for me, this could sometimes simply mean that I received a nice comment from a much more experienced blogger, or that my readers shared their stories with me after reading a personal post I put up.
It’s the little things for me that add up and bring me joy, keep me grateful.

7) Leave nobody out

I have a small following on the blog but it doesn’t matter because I really appreciate how they make an effort to lend me their thoughts after reading my posts. It doesn’t matter how many social media sites I am on, how many people follow me, how many likes or comments I get – I respond to Each and Every one of them. That personal connection teaches me a lot about my followers and it tells me if I am doing well or mucking up.

8) Don’t Aim to Please Everyone

At the end of the day CBH is my creative space where my subjective thoughts and emotions run. Not everyone is going to like what I do, or like my fashion choices..Not everyone is going to agree with my writing or my opinions and That’s Okay!

I have reached out to fellow plus size bloggers in Singapore, Asia, Australia and beyond .. to tell them just how much I appreciate what they are doing and how much they inspire me. Not every blogger is going to be nice to me or who knows they may misconstrue my intentions..but that teaches me not to place these guys on a pedestal and remind myself that this is no popularity contest.

9) Pick your Battles

As a plus size blogger, I get my usual fat shamers and plus size haters commenting, deriding. I also get some shade from people who are not happy to see this previously insecure chick turn into a confident curvy lass.

But you cannot fight with Everyone.
You really don’t have to. Why waste all that energy on something that isn’t even good for you? So I don’t give a damn nowadays unless it really provokes my wrath. Good luck to you then.

10) When the present seems vague and the future seems shaky, take a look back at the past.

Revisiting the past is not always a bad plan. When I start getting overwhelmed with the blog and upset with my health, I think back to my very Very humble start on Curves Become Her. All I was sure about was the name of my blog, because it came to me late one night while I was reading a book and contemplating starting a plus size blog. I look back and think about how much I have learnt! I think about the many people I have met and gotten to know, some of these people I now consider good friends and confidantes. Who would have known, right?

11) Take a few steps back. Have Faith

Of course we all have days where our brains refuse to move out of their lazy slumps. Or we are exhausted by happenings in our personal lives, health woes etc. So I take a break from writing, I immerse myself into anything else but blogging because I have faith that the hiatus will bring me some form of heightened perspective.

Being the kind of person who is constantly evolving, I will keep adding new lessons to this list!

Thank You for being a part of my little world 🙂

Much Love,
Aarti Olivia xxxo



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