CATW theme : Favorite Sex and the City character


I love Carrie Bradshaw.
She made me take a lot of leaps of faith as a writer and as a fashion lover. There I’ve said it!

I love Carrie because we share quite a few similarities..

We are quirky, We love our friends,
We go to great lengths to pursue our loves, We have fun dressing up, We think a whole lot and write all about it,
We Love expensive shoes (although I can’t afford them sigh…or wear high heels but I love them all the same!) and We love to make a splash when we travel. We dress up a little confused at times but we understand our method to that madness. We take fashion risks and even in our most feminine looks .. we bring an edginess. We love urban living and the synchronised chaos that surrounds it.

It’s hard not to love all 4 characters,
but having to choose my favorite is a no-brainer. I can relate to her character the most..although I do possess Samantha Jones’ sailor mouth, Charlotte’s OCD-ness and Miranda’s ambition.

So here are a few Carrie-like looks that I have worn in the past 2 years :


The casual tee and flared skirt is something Carrie wears a lot of, and this isn’t something I consciously picked up on but I was tickled when I noticed my penchant for this style.



Carrie likes taking fashion adventures, and here are a few of my own



Carrie also has a love for accessorising, something I am mad about as well



Here are the links to my fellow CATW lasses, go check their SATC posts out!

CATW members :

Kate from Australia

Helen from England

Thulie from South Africa

Nina from the USA

Aislynn from Denmark

Jennifer from Germany

Chat real soon 😉
xxxo Aarti Olivia



5 thoughts on “CATW theme : Favorite Sex and the City character

  1. Awww I think your a great Carrie and you totally pulled off her sense of style and confidence! I really love the outfit with leopard, the bowler hat and suspenders, my favorite of the bunch but they are all really great! 🙂


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