Bohemian Chic weekend

Hello Hello,

this week’s outfit is perfectly suited to the sweltering heat we have been experiencing, as is usually the case during this time of the year. It only cools off in November, we are in for hot, humid weather most of the year..sigh. It gets unreasonably hot when the month of June approaches right until October..*wails*

It was one of my closest friend’s birthday this weekend, the very bohemian spirited Esther 🙂 How fitting that the look is something she would probably feel most at home in ❤

The Look :

black floral maxi dress – H&M size EU 44
white pearl necklace – thrifted
orange sandals – Charles & Keith





I fell in love with this dress at first sight and was apprehensive about trying it on, since H&M doesn’t have the best of fits for plus size bodies but I was very pleasantly surprised. It’s lightweight, flows nicely and airy so you don’t feel uncomfortable in the heat – on the contrary!

I wore this dress with the pearl necklace the night before for dinner with friends and liked the look so I stayed with the pearls as an accessory.
The orange sandals were my best bet with this dress, the color complements the dress and it makes sure I don’t trip!



On days that I would prefer to cover my arms, a shawl or cropped jacket would look just fine with this. A Denim jacket looks very chic with this, as does leather.

Here’s a rough example :


I’ve realised that aside from wearing mini dresses, I don’t wear maxi length ones either! Which is going to change because I quite like the two maxi dresses I have worn this year (first one was the AHS: Coven look). As for mini lengths..umm not ready for that. Maybe in a few years! 😉


For Esther’s birthday dinner at her folks’ place this evening, I wore something pseudo-bohemian..

The Look :

Forever 21 Peplum top in white,
Forever 21 printed leggings,
Lovisa earrings



I’d been meaning to wear these gorgeous leggings for a while now and it’s going to be one of next week’s looks so stay tuned!

Have a great week ahead!
I am going back to my hobbit hole for some introverted introspection 🙂

xxxo Aarti Olivia



3 thoughts on “Bohemian Chic weekend

    1. thank you so much! What I love abt F21 is how fun their outfits are and as a curvy girl I appreciate being able to have fun with fashion 😉 I look forward to hearing from you more 🙂

  1. I love the flower power going on. And the background lively and lovely !!!!!! Leggings are the truth boo you gotta love them great post and I love your skirt in the new post show off that booty lol xxxxx

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