Paint it Pink

Good weekend to you!
How are my friends doing?

It has been an interesting week.
It’s odd how life works at maintaining a balance between our misfortunes and good tidings.

Anyway, I shall not get into Emo details! I have my Curves Around the World post to get done tomorrow and the theme is favourite bag, which is a real toughie since I have quite a few favs!

I craved some vibrance in my blog shoot today and the look I picked was perfect 🙂

The Look:

sleeveless grey top with stud shoulder embellishment – Cotton On sz L
printed fuchsia pencil skirt – Dorothy Perkins sz UK 18
pastel yellow clutch – Aldo
ear studs – Lovisa
white heels – DMK (local brand)






I purchased the skirt online, from the Dorothy Perkins Singapore website. Shipping is free if you spend over $99 in one purchase, although it did take 3 weeks. It’s a comfortable fabric that works well for the local climate and honestly the pictures of the skirt on the DP website did it no justice because it is Beautiful! The embossed flower prints really make the skirt pop and I like the black hem at the waist.

Now I love me a pretty peplum top anyday with pencil skirts but I just knew this top on clearance at Cotton On would complement the pink skirt. Those rhinestones at the shoulders glam up the simple grey top doesn’t it? I would love to attempt DIY with my clothing, but then for that I need to learn to sew.. which I am hopeless at :p

I was a statement necklace fanatic way before it was considered trendy. In this case however, I figured a necklace would be an overkill since there was a lot going on with the prints and embellishments. I kept it simple with this beautiful new pair of ear studs I purchased from Lovisa. I love how the different colours glint from various angles. I think there might a professional name for it, but I don’t know what it is .. yet.

I did not buy even One article of clothing in the month of May (yay for me! and my wallet!) because I wanted to focus on the other things that make a look – accessories, getting my hair cut & dyed. I was supposed to invest in a few pairs of bags & shoes, but I was in some jewellery shopping twilight zone. I made a few trips to Lovisa and left with quite a few paper bags.

The yellow handbag was my one of my non-jewellery purchases, from Aldo. Pastels are in and this shade is so chic (although my Fav shade of yellow is Canary Yellow).

Speaking of shade, the bag was a helpful cover from the hot afternoon sun!


I must say, I felt downright sexy in this look..sure, it’s not a fancy bodycon dress or party outfit but It’s my kind of understated sexy 🙂 Im quite happy that I feel this way, such a far cry from the old Aarti.


Little Details :





Pics of the mane that show the dye-job prominently



That’s a wrap for tonight!
Stay tuned to the CATW post I will be posting tomorrow.

Have a restful weekend
xxxo Aarti Olivia


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