Lurve Handles

Hello guys!
I had an epic stomach ache last night and stayed up moaning, but the tide seems to has passed phew! So before this vampire catches some shut eye, she decided to pen a post πŸ™‚

I was contacted by a new plus size apparel store called Lurve Handles to try on a few items from their very first collection. I picked the items over email and was so excited when the postman arrived!

I absolutely love these three items that I picked because they’re cute, the colours and prints are so pretty!

Look 1


I have to admit, I am rather daunted by shorts. Sure, I have them denim shorts but they were almost knee length so it wasn’t too scary. This pair, on the other hand..I was so nervous I was going to look awful in it..tells you how conscious I am of my thighs (speaking of which I have a Love Every Body post on legs due that I will be posting soon).

Here’s a cheeky shot πŸ˜‰


I was VERY surprised with how I looked in them! First of all, you’ve got to love that summery shade and then the adorable whale prints on the shorts.
It was very comfortable, with a good amount of stretch. I think I might be getting started on some shopping for shorts this summer!



When I ordered these shorts, I knew which top in their store I wanted to pair it with already. This adorable long sleeved chick printed top! I mean look at that amount of cuteness πŸ˜€



It’s very breathable, lightweight long sleeved top and it’s one of my personal favorites at the moment πŸ˜€


Apologies for the awkward poses,
I was feeling sheepish in these shorts since it is the shortest I have worn in a very long time. I really warmed up by the end of it though and even walked over to the mall nearby feeling really carefree in them πŸ™‚


I accessorised with a simple full
circle pendant necklace (signifies Karma) and my new favourite pair of flats that you saw in my previous fashion post..which coincidentally had me in shorts too πŸ™‚


Look 2


I do love floral prints, but my eyes are so tired from seeing them everywhere so I knew I had to get this tropical print dress, a refreshing change and I really love tropical prints so it was a no-brainer really.


My favorite Wonder Woman pose



Like the other two items, the fabric for this is really good for the local climate and I can definitely see myself wearing this dress for a day walking around town or looking casual chic for dinner with friends.


The dress was hanging slightly a little loose (only by a little bit) so I cinched the waist with a skinny belt from ASOS.

For this look, I accessorised with a pair of leaf earrings (Diva) and mint green wedge heels (Rubi)



The insane heat and my ill health was seriously doing me in and I guess that explains these cuckoo poses πŸ˜€



To sum things up,
Lurve Handles definitely has potential and I look forward to their new collections. Their clothing has the right kind of fabric for this climate with a little bit of whimsy that I always love.

Check them out at this link :

There is a Lurve Handles Facebook Page as well, so do have a look-see. There is a review of outfits from another local plus size blogger of the site Wasted Fashion (I love her quirkiness!), so don’t just take my word for it πŸ˜‰

I have another set of clothing from another local retailer to showcase so watch this space!

So much to do, So much stomach ache to distract Lol.

take care loveys,
xxxo Aarti Olivia

19 thoughts on “Lurve Handles”

  1. Lovely !!!! I will definitely get the shorts. Glad you feel better. Great post. Back to bed now!!Have a great night ( well morning there I think)

  2. You look cute in those shorts. I just moved to Singapore and am a curvy girl. Can you suggest a few places here where I can shop from? I have found Marks & Spencers and Dorothy Perkins but the sizes dont suit my figure as I am top heavy. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot πŸ™‚

  3. The first look is such a fun hipster-prepster look. It’s really different from what I’ve seen you in before, so it was fun to see you style a more casual, preppy look.

    As for the dress? Those colors are perfect on you, and it is such a gorgeous print. I haven’t heard of Lurve Handles, but if that dress is representative of their collection, then I’ll definitely have to look into them! It is so beautiful on you!

    ❀ Liz

      1. I’ve been so busy at work I’ve barely had time to think but mostly very well. Thanks for asking πŸ™‚

    1. my pleasure πŸ™‚
      Thank you! I really like the quality of the clothing there, it’s the second store I know of that sells decent plus size clothing in Singapore. If not, it’s online shopping at ASOS, F21 etc

  4. Hi! I’m really interested in getting the shorts, and I would like to know which size did you get? FYI, I’m a UK size 18.

    1. Hi there! Im a uk size 18 too so I got my shorts in that size. They do have a size chart on the website so check that out to verify the sizing πŸ™‚

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