local blog shop Curvy Me & personal update


I was approached by another local plus size blogshop to try their outfits on and give it a shoutout on my blog. I
had to wait until I felt a little less lacklustre because of my health. I was really tired today after back to back hospital visits but I did snap a few pics of me in my favorite item of the lot.




Wearing these adorable tuxedo white pants from Curvy Me, that are perfect for a day out in this mad heat here. It’s in my size (Im a uk 18, us 14) and I paired it with my white F21 bodysuit.

The owner of the shop was really helpful with helping me figure out my size for the pants, this was a 38. Tummy is bloated so thankfully the pants had some space to allow me to breathe in them unlike skinny jeans!

She sent a royal blue version of these pants my way, and they’re very snazzy.
I was too tired to change but here’s a pic of the pants from the blogshop :


Would look very stylish with the right ensemble 🙂

I was also sent a royal blue peplum top which unfortunately was a tad loose for me. Which is such a pity because it has such a pretty net detail at the peplum hem! Maybe if I belt it up? I’ll give that a try soon and see if that helps!

Here’s a black version of the peplum top. How would you style it?


I must say, although it is long sleeved the material is comfortable and breathable. That’s always important when you live close to the equator, it’s a perennial hot & humid summer!

She does have a facebook page, so do check it out at We Besar – Curvy Me . There are a whole lot more clothing items there and she does sell body shapers too 🙂 The website is Here

If you’d like to make a purchase on the website, type in the code Olivia to get a 10% discount and free Local postage.

Now, on to the personal update!
So remember how I lost 70% of my hearing from a right eardrum rupture?
I went for my follow up appointment today and my ENT specialist was Baffled! She took such a long time having a look at the ear that I was convinced she had more bad news, but she was actually looking for the rupture because it was GONE! The eardrum has healed on it’s own, and I am once again so impressed by the healing abilities the human body possesses…Especially mine (seriously right?). So Yay! I’m gonna celebrate!

Now about the tummy aches I have been having of late..my gut feeling was right, it’s a case of PCOS – Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. My pms symptoms have been getting from bad to epic awful this year and I suffer so much during menstruation as well, constantly haemorrhaging and oof the pain..I tell ya it’s a damn good thing I have an insanely high threshold for pain. And I don’t ever look ill even if I am quite ill, which can be a pain because no one takes it seriously until I look pale by which time I feel like throttling someone..Lol.

I have an appointment with a Gynae in a few weeks time to help me to learn to live with this as well as look at my chances of conceiving. I guess the big secret is out now, I have been trying to get pregnant this year. It seems like it might be an uphill climb though..I definitely am worried. But I am very open to adopting as well, I’ll exhaust all ‘natural’ options until I can officially adopt at age 35.

Anyway, chat soon when I have this week’s Curves Around the World post ready 🙂 I hope you’re doing well wherever you are, and if there is any piece of advice I’d like to give you today it’d have to be listen carefully to what your body is telling you. Your gut instinct might be more accurate than you give it credit for 🙂

As always, Im sending you lots of love!
Lots of flying kisses and good juju!
xxxo Aarti Olivia



7 thoughts on “local blog shop Curvy Me & personal update

  1. Lovely !!! I love the pants the most. I’m glad you have a diagnosis and things will look up. Remember adoption is okay !!!!! And either way you are a good mom. Stay healthy and happy xoxo

    1. me too, that’s my fav!
      Yes I wholeheartedly agree with you on adoption! Just trying the natural way until I can officially adopt at age 35. Thank you so much darling! Hope you are well 🙂

      1. I totally agree hun! Things will be fine have faith I will too. And yes ma’am I am well moving cross country this week xxxx

  2. The pants are lovely. I am also trying to get pregnant. About 18 months now. So we can root for each other. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. I haven’t been big on the tuxedo pants trend; mostly because most of them have that color-blocked stripe down the outside of the leg, but I’m SERIOUSLY loving these!

  4. Those pants are hella cute and I looove those flats you have on! Glad you’re okay and best of luck in the baby department! It will all work out for you in the end, as long as you have faith 🙂 Great post!!

    XoXo Shea L. ⇨ ⇨ ⇨ kissmychocolate.com

  5. hey aarti!

    you look great! Have you ever considered blogging about dating as a plus sized woman/girl?
    I feel that dating is so complicated as a plus sized girl… not just dealing with the opposite sex and the associated insecurities but also the expectations and judgement of society 😦 So some thoughts on it and advice would be much appreciated!
    Oooh and some ideas for first date outfits would be great as well haha since I struggle with what to wear on first dates like many girls out there!

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