Shatter : Be Yourself, Break Stereotypes


In March, I joined the local women’s association AWARE‘s campaign We Can! as a Change Maker.


The We Can! Singapore campaign is a platform to spread awareness and action for a society free of violence against women, one person at a time.
This is a campaign very close to my heart given my personal history.

“The campaign builds on the belief that people change when we recognise something as their own problem and feel that another way is possible, and that they have the power to make that change.

As a Change Maker, I commit to taking steps in my own life to end discrimination and violence on the basis of gender, and inspire others to do the same.

Through Change Makers and community alliances, the campaign hopes to transform underlying social attitudes and beliefs that tolerate violence against women.

Using the medium of art, performance, sports, community networks, media and pop culture, We Can! Singapore hopes to reach out to 1, 000 Change Makers by 2015, and through them, reach out 10, 000 people in Singapore”

June 2014 saw the We Can! Youth year launch the event Shatter at *SCAPE, a venue that facilitates youth-oriented programmes and support within various communities of youth interest. The aim is to promote an inclusive youth culture through the celebration of individuality and the right to be free of shame, discrimination, bullying and violence. The event focused on shattering gender stereotypes that youth face in daily life, with various activities and performances to bring this message home.

Here is a speech by Marylyn Tan on the challenging the stereotype surrounding Femininity. I could relate to it immensely.

There was art infused at the event, like the Shatter sculpture, where we could write the stereotypes we would like to see gone.



This was my contribution to the sculpture


They had empowering slogans to stencil on clothing as well as body painting.



The event saw 200 youth come by the booths and watch the speeches, musical performances at *Scape.
UN Women and Slutwalk Singapore had respective booths at the event.

My friend Nicole Laurens gave a compelling speech about dating violence, once the video has been posted I will add it to this post!

Yours truly gave a speech on body image, talking about my personal experiences, my journey towards body positivity and my passion as a Change Maker. You can view the speech Here

Here was a nervous me before the speech Lol


Here is Hubster and I having some fun with challenging gender stereotypes.
It’s quite accurate, really!


This was the awesome group of fellow local body positive people and the owner of local plus size clothing store Kaylene having a piccie with me after my speech.


This is the beginning of my journey with Aware and We Can! Singapore, and I will share my experiences over the months to come.

Because, like I said at the end of my speech, “No one deserves to be bullied for how they look”



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