Curves Around the World! Retro


Ahh yes it’s that time of the week again!

When I hear the word retro, I think of trends that I loved from past – the flapper girl look, the Mad Men era, the bohemian look, 80’s punk, 90’s grunge and so many more. As much as I love contemporary fashion and move with the times, I simply adore retro fashion looks!

This was my retro outfit :


Hepcat dress in Cherry – ModCloth
Vintage necklace – local retro blogshop, Lemon Kitscharms
Red pumps with spiked heels – local shoe store Pazzion

I am print-gaga and polka dots are just one of the many kinds of prints that I love! I blame it on Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, that gorgeous brown polka dotted dress took my breath away 🙂

I love what ModCloth stands for with their sizing starting from regular to plus sizes and it really is a sort of retro wonderland for me. I had been eyeing this dress for so long so when retro was decided for this week’s theme, I snapped this up and even fast tracked my shipping for it so that it would arrive on time!

Of course one does get nervous with the sizing of vintage styles dresses as they can be rather fitted with less stretch, so I sized up in this case to a 1X. The arms were a little snug but the overall fit was fine. The dress did come with a white cloth belt, but I wasn’t feeling it so I went with a skinny belt of my own in black.

This is the dress as seen in the store :


I absolutely love the dress in other shades as well!



More pics of me in my Hepcat dress:






When I first started blogging, I was still very conscious of how my arms or thighs or belly looked in ootd pictures.
I was new at this and you don’t become body positive overnight! Over the years however, I have learnt to go easy on myself. I don’t mind my rounded belly showing through a dress because this is how I look like and I still rock the dress. Flappy arms don’t faze me. Still working on the thighs, but hey if you were to tell me 4 years ago that I was going to be at this amazing juncture of my life where I have come to be so much more comfortable with my body..I’d have laughed at the very thought!


Here are the little details of the look :



I love my jewellery, you know that by now and this vintage piece is so creatively done. I am absolute rubbish at DIY – work in progress! – but I appreciate you ‘crafty’ people! I fell in love with what the lady at the blog shop had done with three black ceramic blocks, adding polka dots and stringing them together to make for a one of a kind statement necklace. I thought it was a cute touch with the dress.



My fashion taste buds naturally gravitate to anything with a bit of an edge, so getting these red pumps was a no-brainer. It’s at a comfortable enough height for my injured feet –
Big plus. I have been meaning to get myself a pair of slinky red shoes, but well I went a little overboard with shoe shopping last month..eek! I couldn’t help it! So many pretty shoes gaaah!

I had actually snapped a few pics of me in this dress the day before yesterday’s shoot but I was in physical pain from stomach cramps, so I had to cut it short. But here are a few that I liked from that day (I wore golden hoops instead of a necklace and a stringy leather belt) :


I was crabby from the pain, so my usual ladidah spirit wasn’t really coming through the piccies :p



Here are a few fashion boards that I found online featuring the Hepcat dress




Do check out the retro looks my fellow CATW bloggers did for this week!

Kate from Australia

Helen from England

Thulie from South Africa

Nina from The USA

Jennifer from Germany

Aislynn from Denmark

I hope you guys are having a fab weekend! Who’s watching the World Cup? Hubster and I have been enjoying the matches, all the drama and the nail biting penalty kicks! Yes I definitely am a football fan 🙂 and Just in case if you’re wondering which EPL I support, it’s Manchester United. As for the World Cup, oof it’s tough to pick a fav.

Sending you lots of love and Ole Ole Ole Ole!!!
xxxo Aarti Olivia



16 thoughts on “Curves Around the World! Retro

    1. gosh I am so absent minded these days so forgive me if I’ve replied already! ModCloth ships internationally luv, so you can definitely get it!

  1. You look fantastic and I love the dress you chose, I love polka dots. I really like how you styled it too, I like how it looks with the skinny black belt. But yeah the shoes are just gorgeous, I love the details on the heel of the shoe, makes it extra special. I love your pictures!

    1. thank you so much Nina! Omg how adorable were you in the retro look! I wasn’t feeling the white belt so Im glad you guys like the black belt with it. Im a bit of a photography nut so I’ll be telling the hubster to take pictures at certain angles to really bring out the details lol, poor fellow! Im glad you like my piccies! I feel like I should go out there and just have some fun with the camera because I love it!

  2. This dress is so cute and suits you so well! You look super gorgeous!! 🙂 Those shoes are amazing!!!!

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