Sartorial Medley : Multifunctional

I know, I’ve been lax with posts this week. Well I’ll be catching up on blog work over the weekend 🙂

Aside from Curves Around the World,
I am a part of the awesome group of bloggers who blog once monthly and we call it the Sartorial Medley.

I’ve been SO tardy with my Sartorial Medley posts so here is me starting afresh (although late..this was the theme for June).

A versatile article of clothing that can be worn dressy or casual in different styles.

I try to keep a fair bit of my wardrobe multifunctional, because I enjoy mixing and matching.

The Look



Tops : printed leotard – Forever 21 plus
Floral lace top – Dorothy Perkins
Black harem pants – Forever 21 plus

I hadn’t found a pair of harem pants in Singapore that really suited me, so I was excited when I got this from the Forever 21 website!

What I love about Harem pants?
You can wear them for a casual afternoon out in town or for a classy evening, girls’ night out in the clubs.

So my first look is kinda casual :





For an evening out :




Little details from each look:




So harem pants are an ideal multifunctional item and they look good to boot!

Chat soon,
Have a good weekend!
xxxo Aarti Olivia


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