Plus size summer fashion with


Ah Summer.
Lazy warm days, Ice cream & Popsicles, Splashing in the pool, sun kissed skin, beachy hair πŸ™‚

Us in Singapore experience summer 9 out of the 12 months in a year so we are very familiar with the climate. Of course, I wish we experienced the 4 seasons because it gives us something to look forward to. But it’s nice when the rest of the world (except for Aus & NZ) basks in summer together with us.
Fashion sure works in our favour then as well πŸ˜‰

Having said that, not all of us plus sized folk are comfortable in summer wear. Shorts, camisoles, racer back can make a plus sized girl feel self conscious.

But, thanks to the burgeoning plus size community and fashion industry, we are seeing a sea change. We have more options. Sure, I like wearing a pair of shorts or overalls on a sunny day but there are somedays I’d like something different.

I was approached by – a company that prides itself in having the world’s largest collection of plus size clothing – to share with my readers their blog post on summer fashion trends for 2014.

A plus size guide to summer fashion trends? I’m in!

I always keep a keen eye out on seasonal trends or flavours of the month and I’d missed out on doing a blog post on Spring fashion so I’m glad to make up for that.

The link to their post can be found Here

Note : I don’t gain anything from this, it’s just for you guys to get some fashion tips for this season.

Here are a few clothing items I wear during summer :

Boyfriend Jeans


Cropped Pants


Harem pants


Denim shorts


Plain coloured V-neck tees


Summer Dresses


Palazzo Pants


and a LOT of accessories!


Gosh this post reminded me of how
Much Id like to get done on the blog if not for my ill health that comes in the way. Sorry guys! Hoping to churn out more posts as I take better care of myself.

Cheers to the Summer of 2014!
Chat soon loveys xxxo



2 thoughts on “Plus size summer fashion with

  1. Awe I wish you had all of the seasons !!! I’m from NYC so I got all of them respectively. Even as I moved to the nations captiol still got all seasons. All Of the east coast I’ve lived in was the same some less harsh. so I wore from rain gear to booty shorts. Now Moved to the west. To a state where it’s hot ALL the time. Their winter is still not cold. So I have to be on the hunt for shorts light colored clothes. I just woke up it’s like 98 degrees. A camisole and a skirt,floppy hat and giant sunshades are on my agenda for wearing today. Honey I hope you get to wear bootyshorts and swim gear a floppy hat and sun shades and enjoy the weather. You would look just perfect. Or it’s time to go on a trip so you can feel better in that stuff when you see others. This sight is cool I look for other places to buy shorts. I know Singapore is just right weather wise so baby steps you shall have to take. . Believe me you will freeze digging out of snow storms. Lol feel better.

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