Curves Around the World : Vacation (Home Sweet Home)


Hello loveys!
The theme for this week’s CATW had me in a quandary – looks for vacation/holiday. Vacation looks when Im not on vacay?

But the best place for me to feel relaxed and refreshed is at home. This apartment was in shambles when I first moved in but I redid the place from scratch over two years. My labour of love 🙂 So I decided to have this shoot at home.

The Look




printed maxi dress – Simply Be size uk 18

Here are some shots of home life :


This is my blogging space, reclining and looking out the window with music plugged in while I type away.


Schatzi chilling out opposite me 🙂


In the bedroom


This maxi dress from Thailand has got to be my favorite holiday outfit. It’s so comfortable, and works well as a swimsuit overall too.




Some of the artwork hanging in the bedroom



Some details in the bedroom





Like I always say when I come back from a vacation : There’s no place like home ❤


I promise to take proper vacay pics when Im headed for a holiday in August!

Chat soon ❤
xxxo Aarti Olivia


8 thoughts on “Curves Around the World : Vacation (Home Sweet Home)

  1. i want your blue dress too! and the white one dont even worry about washing it just take it off and hand it over ( lol) maybe we can take turns wearing it ? lol i love your home so cute. and your bathroom ah gosh !!! lets trade places, i have a pool in front of my apartment building. I also go on holiday in aug. you are just too cute, have a great weekend!!

    1. Lol!! Sure we can switch it up! And as for homes trade places for your pool cos Im a waterbaby! Where will you be off to?

      1. Oh I’m supposed to going to los Angeles but also on a cruise now I’m just hearing of it its a surprise hopefully to a nice beach. I have more swimwear than ever I can wear one every day.

    1. thanks babe! It was a random street vendor, I was surprised to get it in my size and loved the pattern so I had to get it 😀 Speaking of which, I miss’s one of my favorite holiday destinations ❤

      1. Oh I agree, I’m going back there sometime after the new year 🙂

        I couldn’t find much in Thailand that fit me other than in specific plus size shops. If you go back I can suggest Jumbo Design in the JJMall, they have a lot of stuff.

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