Playsuit newbie! 3 styles one outfit

Hello Hello πŸ™‚
How have my loveys been?
I love hearing from you guys by the way, so keep the comments coming!’

I purchased my first playsuit/romper 2 months back and was waiting for a chance to show it off. It’s gorgeous! And I decided to show the versatile looks you can pull off, should the shorter length of these outfits not be your thing.

Look 1 – the playsuit

Ooh this is the shortest I have gone yet! I was afraid it would be a bit much and I still have some getting used to with the length, but never say never because I wear shorts now and who knew that day would come?



Playsuit – Alice & You (ASOS Curve)
uk 18

green heels – local store, will update this spot when I remember where I got it from!

pendant necklace – Diva

This playsuit has it’s pros and cons.

Pros – It’s light fabric is great for the local climate, the print and colour is beautiful. It’s so vibrant!

Cons – not enough stretch, would have been nicer if the top was not a bandeau, a little more thigh room and perhaps a slight flair would have been helpful. I should have sized up with this one, or not gotten it at all .. but I’d been pining for it so I decided to get it anyway :/ Lesson Learnt!



Look 2 – playsuit with denim bottom

I figured since I’m not crazy about the amount of thigh showing, I’d pretty it up with a skirt and shrug, Aarti’s Casual Chic style πŸ˜‰



shrug – Cotton On sz L
stretch denim skirt – River Island sz uk 18
chunky cloth and beads necklace – Lovisa
sunflower printed flats – Rubi

I added to the pop of colour of the playsuit with the bright shrug and added some floral to the shoes, plus the necklace for the complete vibrant summer effect. The look goes quite well without the shrug as well.



Look 3 – playsuit with harem pants

If skirts are not your thing and you’re loving the whole slouched pants trend like I am right now, this is your look.


black harem pants – Forever 21 +
chunky earrings – Lovisa
blue suede flats – Rubi

You could add a kimono jacket for a full retro effect. I’ve still not found The Kimono Jacket for myself as yet. Lots of them around but nothing that has really made me scream “Gotta have It!”. You can play around with a medium belt if you’d like to cinch the waist. A long necklace would go pretty nicely with the look as well.



Took me about an hour to complete the shoot, with the different looks and all but it ended with the hubster and I enjoying a beautiful sunset πŸ™‚


Little details of the looks







This is me basking in the sunset πŸ™‚


Here’s wishing us a great week ahead
All my love xxxo Aarti Olivia



8 thoughts on “Playsuit newbie! 3 styles one outfit

  1. I do this too!! I’ll use a dress as a top for something else and vice versa. I feel you on not feeling comfortable in a short romper. While I love the style, I have no thigh gap, so on a hot summer day the material rides up and I’m having to pull it down all day. Outfit is definitely my fav ❀

    1. Oh girl I have the same problem! That’s why I would have preferred something with more stretch and flair. Good thing we know how to improvise πŸ˜‰ thank you!! Have a great week x

    1. I’m not too tall either! I stand at 5 ft 2, so I wear shoes with a little heel when Im wearing harem pants and a belt helps too. and thank you !!

    1. Yay!! All I’ll say is get one with good fabric, that has stretch and some flair. Im on my search for a better pair!

  2. I love seeing the various ways you’ve styled this playsuit! I’ve been a bit intimidated to try the style, but your different stylings definitely give me ideas and make the playsuit seem more approachable. Pairing it under pants? Sure. I might have thought to do that, but pairing it under the skirt was genius! In fact, I think that’s my favorite style of the three! The yellow print is so lovely, too! And, like I said on IG: those green metallic toe heels are perfection. I love love love them!

    ❀ Liz

  3. Hi Aarti Olivia

    I represent a local creative agency, DSPG. I have dropped you an email a few days ago regarding a potential collaboration for you with one of our clients. Please take a look and get back to me ASAP?

    Thank you!!

    Amanda G

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