Curves Around the World : belt it up!


It’s a Curves Around the World post!
This week we have a look at belts.

Belts can make such a difference to a look – it can add a pop of colour, cinch in the waist if the outfit is slightly loose, or it can be a superb style statement! They really can make quite a difference to a look. That’s why I consider them a handy fashion accessory that will not go out of style, because it can be worn in so many different ways

Here are a few looks from the past year, where belts have made all the difference to the look :


I adore the vintage golden skirt that I got for a steal on eBay, but it does have a waist garter that looks a little shabby – vintage has it’s quirks! I tried wearing a top that would cover the garter but I wasn’t happy with the look. The pleats that were hidden beneath the top seemed to add more bulk to my middle, and I didn’t need adding on to that!

So, I changed it up by adding a bodysuit and a tan medium belt to cover the garter.


Made quite a difference didn’t it? 🙂
Now I’m no expert DIY person, okay scratch that I have absolutely NO talent with DIY. But, I do get my occasional creative ideas.

I use a black satin sash (originally gotten together with a tunic top) with a few peplum tops and dresses as a makeshift belt. Here is an example.


It breaks the monotony of warm colours with a bold dash of black.

I acquired a dark green cloth belt with a back clasp that is a nifty accessory.


This was a military fashion inspired look and it went rather well with the olive top.


Another way to break the monotony of warm colours.

Skinny belts are fun accessories to use with dresses or tops. Sometimes a skinny belt can make all the difference, other times adding two of contrasting colours adds some Zing!




Here are a few examples when the outfit was a tad loose at the waist and needed a belt to cinch it in.




Here was the look for this Sunday evening, another example of how a belt can be a handy accessory.

Sans Belt



With a belt



Kimono jacket – Cotton On
Green tank top – Cotton On
stretch denim skirt – River Island
skinny belt – ASOS
mint green wedge heels – Rubi
earrings – Lovisa

Kimono jackets because they are lightweight and a nice alternative for the days you don’t feel like going sleeveless. Plus, the print and colours of the jacket added more vibrance – you know how I love colours! However the jacket did nothing for my waist so I decided to add a belt. You don’t Always have to add definition to the waist area, but it’s a nice add-on for some looks.



So that’s my take on the CATW theme this week!

Little Details



Be sure to check out how my fellow Curves Around the World blogging buddies styled a belt for this week !

Kate from Australia

Helen from England

Thulie from South Africa

Nina from the USA

Jennifer from Germany

Aislynn from Denmark

It’s a long weekend for us here in Singapore because it is Eid / Idul Fitri and here’s wishing my Muslim friends a blessed celebration! For the rest of you, have a great new week ahead 🙂

This week’s theme brings to mind this quote – Fashion has always been repetition of ideas .. but what makes it new is how You put it together

All my love,
xxxo Aarti Olivia


11 thoughts on “Curves Around the World : belt it up!

  1. You have such a beautifully curvy figure that a belt really helps draw attention to your amazing shape! You are lucky to be blessed with beautiful curves! You have the same thoughts on belts that I do 🙂 I love all of your outfits.

    1. thanks so much chicky!
      And heart congratulations are in order for you!! gosh Im so excited for you. You look AMAZING with that big belt, so keep rocking them belts for outfits!

  2. Eek so many outfits you are on a roll. Belts and I don’t get along they vanish under my boobs smh you have a lovely pear shape it showcases it and makes it stand out…,, I’m afraid of belts lol

    1. Lol! Hey girl you can totally rock belts it’s just how you fashion it with the outfit. I can totally see you fashioning a big belt or skinny belts! You won’t know unless you try right?

  3. Belts definitely make a big difference to the outfits and I love how you showed belts with so many outfits. I really love the gold skirt from the first pictures and I like how you showed the difference with the belt because I own a lot of skirts with waist bands and I always wear them with long tops like in the first photo but you have inspired me to try them with belts now. 🙂


    1. thank you so much Nina!
      and ooh congratulations on the TCF feature! I was so happy when I saw you were interviewed, was clapping and shouting Yay! lol. Im glad you liked this post, I think accessories are so underrated..they can add such a difference to a look so that’s why I decided to speak about fashioning belts in detail.

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