Curves Around the World : Favourite Movie


Hi guys!
Oof I have a backlog of blog posts so be prepared for a barrage this week!
I was too weak last week because it was my time of the month. Plus, I have a bit of a writer’s block GAH.

So last week’s CATW theme was Favourite movie. Picking a movie that would fit a fashion post was a real headache! I couldn’t possibly have picked my very favorite – Shawshank Redemption. How would I have dressed for that?! Lol! So I thought about my favorite actresses and the movies they have done.

Drew Barrymore is an old favorite of mine. I remember watching her in E.T and thinking, “Could there be a child more adorable?”. She’s 3 years older than I am so I obviously didn’t watch E.T when it released. I’ve enjoyed quite a few of her movies over the years. Everyone Says I Love You, Riding in Cars with Boys, 50 First Dates, Whip It!, The Wedding Singer – they’re a few of my favorites. The favourite I pick for this post is Boys On The Side.


It’s a 1995 comedy-drama about Robin (Mary Louise-Parker) who advertises for partners to make a cross country drive with. Jane (Whoopi Goldberg) and Holly (Drew Barrymore) join in for this adventure and they bond over their life stories and experiences. Robin suffers from HIV and sees this road trip as her last hurrah, Jane is a lounge singer looking for a new lease of life, Holly wants to escape her abusive boyfriend.


It’s my kinda movie because it’s about forging a sisterhood. At the end of the day, humanity is something we all relate to regardless of colour or social standing.


So my look was inspired by Drew’s style for Boys on the Side. It was all
about 90s fashion 🙂


This is the look I decided to go for, erm without handcuffs.




lipstick print tee – Cotton On sz L
denim overalls – Forever 21 plus sz 1X
sunflower ballet flats – Rubi



I got this top during a sale and I love it!
There was a sleeveless lipstick print top at ASOS that was all the rage but it was out of stock by the time I wanted to purchase it. So I was really happy when I chanced upon this top!

This is my first pair of overalls, I’ve really got the blog to thank for getting me out of my comfort zone. I loved wearing shorts and I absolutely LOVE wearing this! It’s comfortable, it’s great for a casual day look and the length is just nice.

I’ve got to give props to my bestie Chita because she wears overalls and I love how she looks in them. She’s tall and wears the full length ones, which I love too. So I thought I’d give this a try.
Thanks for the inspiration Chits! ❤



Little Details of the Look






I remember my mom shaking her head at me when I used to rip holes in my jeans and denim skirts, make them frayed with sawdust. But that was how I liked it then in the 90s so wearing this brought me back to those times haha!

I love movies.
They transport you to a different world, different era..they bring out a variety of emotions and some of them have you thinking for days. A lot of the movies that I adore could not be used for this post, here’s a list of them :

Shawshank Redemption


The Exorcist




Miss Congeniality


The Birds


So that’s my Curves Around the World post! Be sure to check out my fellow bloggers’ posts. Links are below:

Kate from Australia

Helen from England

Thulie from South Africa

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Jennifer from Germany

Aislynn from Denmark

Chat soon loveys!
Have a great week ahead 😀


12 thoughts on “Curves Around the World : Favourite Movie

  1. Those overalls are SO cute! I’ve feared getting some. In the 90’s, my overalls and bodyshirts were a main staple in my wardrobe! Ahhh…those were the days. Love Drew Barrymore too. One of my favorite movies…top ten at least is Riding in Cars with Boys. Wonderful movie!!

    1. thanks Ruby!
      I was so nervous about the fit and if it’d look good until it arrived. So thank goodness it looks fine! Ooh yes I remember bodyshirts, I used to wear tight racer backs and baggy jeans ala TLC for sometime, then there was the cutesy Disney phase (don’t ask!) and there were of course the grunge & goth phase where all my tops were in black and my jeans were ripped. Fun times to recollect 😀 Drew is just so likeable isn’t she? I really love a great many of her movies. I love Adam Sandler so their movies together are like my feel good movies :)) You should try an overall, these ones from forever 21+ aren’t expensive and the fit is good 😀

  2. Girl we both love Drew Barrymore movies, I wrote about it too on my post. I love the overalls and I have been wanting a pair but haven’t found one that fits. But yeah I really like how you dressed for the theme, it works out really well.


    1. my darling, I can totally see you in overalls! You’d look so cute!! I think they’re coming back in style so there will be an influx of just wait and see, you’ll find your perfect pair 😉

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