FD Avenue : purple maxi dress

Sorry for the disappearance!
I hope everyone is doing well, sending you lots of love πŸ™‚ I’ve been down with glandular fever since midweek so I’m working rather slow, spending most of my time in bed resting or reading.

I was approached by UK online fashion company FD Avenue for a collaboration. They’re a trendy online store that ships internationally (Yay!!) and recently released their Curvy range of clothing for us plus size chicks. So I was more than happy to sample an outfit from the Curvy range πŸ™‚

FD Avenue carries outfits from straight to plus sizes in a variety of colours, prints and styles. Shipping from the UK to Singapore was really quick. The items are usually dispatched within 24 hours.

I have been looking for outfits in pretty shades of purple but it has been so difficult to find. So I jumped at the chance to try their long maxi coil dress in purple. It is retailing at Β£14.99 which is roughly S$31.14 and USD$25.02.




The material of the dress is Really soft to touch and it has a good amount of stretch (which I prefer). The colour actually looked even better in person than it did on their website, which is a first because normally it’s the other way round! I like the metal coil at the sides that can be used to adjust the neckline and back.

The material does hug the skin, so I was conscious about my “skin ripples” and round belly showing.

But then I had an epiphany:
We weren’t born with flat washboard abs. We were born round bellied and supple. This consciousness of having my big belly and rippled hips showing is so unrealistic. I have always had thick hips with cellulite – even at my smallest. I’m not going to fight What Is for What SHOULD Be. No sir.

So hey guess what?
I stopped fussing. I love this dress and how I look in it. I felt like an earth goddess with my hair flowing and the dress hugging my curves, bumps, lumps.

I remember the immediate thought I had after wearing the dress for the shoot – I have got some serious shopping to do at this place. I had quite a few dresses in mind but I could only pick one this time so I will go back for round 2 πŸ˜‰



Little Details :



I decided to go very simple with accessories. To complement the silver coils on the dress, I wore vintage silver earrings from Nepal. They were a gift from a friend and I have had them for a long time. The olive flats are from Charles & Keith. You last saw them in my ode to DVF post.

My Verdict on the dress : A+++
I hadn’t worn this style of maxi dress before and now that I have, I will be wearing this a lot. Also, maxi dresses are such a boon in this climate.

You can check out FD Avenue’s Curvyliciouse collection Here

Do you see yourself rocking this maxi dress? It comes in different colours if purple isn’t your thing. How many of you love wearing this style? I’m a newbie to the maxi dress trend, so I’m keen to try out various styles.

Alright, time to get some shut eye!
Remember luvs, don’t fight What Is for What SHOULD Be. You keep being you because there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Chat soon loveys,
xxxo Aarti Olivia



8 thoughts on “FD Avenue : purple maxi dress

  1. Hey there. I was hoping to get an outfit from that site. Omg you know how to wear a dress. I love it on you. So where are you going with that on? I’m hoping you go out on a date dancing or something totally out of the norm with your husband. The dress makes me want to go places!! Feel better and forever beautiful. Xx

  2. Beautiful dress. I like maxi dresses but I probably wouldn’t wear this one. Because of my bust size I find wearing a halterneck very physically uncomfortable.

  3. Hi, I really love the purple maxi on you. I wish I can pull off a maxi dress the way you do. but I’m really short and I hate wearing heels. So maxi dresses are out for me. Boo hoo!

  4. Beautiful: I am happy you embrace who you are regardless of what we think. We are all imperfect anyway. Good on you that you doing you and no body else!!! You are beautiful always!!!

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