Karma – The T shirt dress

Hello my loves!
So I am very excited to unveil my new look with this post.

T shirt dresses are so up my alley.
They’re casual yet can have an air of glamour if the complete look is carried off well. Raglan T shirt dresses, Statement T shirt dresses – awesome day looks.

The Look



Yup, the tresses have been given an update! Spent 6 hours at Blow+Bar salon at One Raffles Place with their technical director who worked his magic on my desired look. I had this hair colour in my 20s and it was a personal favourite. For some reason, shades of caramel/honey blonde with a mix of ash blonde suit me. My hair was dyed dark red during the wedding year and it was so hard to get the locks lighter. So I just let it be for a while but I was really bored by it. Also, I’ve always preferred shoulder length hair. Anything longer makes me impatient!

Karma statement T shirt dress – ASOS Curve sz uk 18
grey sneakers – Rubi shoes
thick golden hoops – Topshop

I know this is a summery look; I was going to wear this ages ago but I was working really slowly with the blog over the past few months due to poor health. With ze health getting better now (knock on wood), I hope to fast-track the pending fashion posts. So going full throttle with Fall style will have to wait for a week or two!

Pastels are still a big favourite this year through the fashion seasons. I thought this sporty number with a pastel shade was an interesting combo.

I didn’t accessorise too much with because the dress was The statement of the look.


More piccies:




Karma is a concept that I have grown up with. Dharma and Karma
important principles in Hinduism. My family is orthodox Hindu so in-depth knowledge of the religion was readily available. Sure, I am an atheist now but Karma is a something that I believe happens like an inevitable cycle of human life.

We all have experienced moments of frustration, wondering when will justice happen? Will it ever prevail?
The answer is a resounding Yes. Maybe not as quickly as we would like it to be executed, but it does happen.
Maintaining a circle of truth, goodness of heart and betterment of thought are doctrines that I live by. So as much as this is a fashion statement, it’s also very big personal statement.

Be Good, Do Good.
Chat soon 🙂
xxxo Aarti Olivia



12 thoughts on “Karma – The T shirt dress

    1. thanks Cheryl luv!
      you’d look smashing in this, I can totally see it on you. I love your style sense! hope you’ve been well 😀

  1. This is maybe my favorite look on you thus far. It fits you so well, and the sporty, spunky vibe just seems to echo your fun, feisty personality. I also love the color scheme of dusky blues, grays, browns, and subtle blush tones. It could work for Spring; it could work for Fall. I’m inspired to pair pastels with dusky shades this fall, and this is exactly what I’m talking about!

    ❤ Liz

    1. sorry for the late reply lovey, it’s been an emotional roller coaster in my personal life. So I’ve just been posting blogs and then dealing with my drama.

      thank you so much!
      and my idea of fall fashion are these pastels paired with duskier colours too! I get so bored with one colour palette anyway 😀

    1. I can totally see it on you H!
      yes I felt very 90s wearing it and that always makes me feel right at home 😀 thank you lovey! xx

  2. Very cute! I love t-shirt dresses, they’re so versatile. I like to wear them as-is in the summer, or pair them with tights and a denim jacket in the fall.

    XoXo Shea L. —————> kissmychocolate.com

    1. I am sure you look absolutely fab in them Shea! apologies for my delayed reply, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks. thank you! Hope you’ve been well x

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