Curves Around the World : Comfy Sunday


Thank you for the feedback with my new look and the previous fashion post, it’s more Me. I am glad you guys like it too πŸ˜‰

I hope your weekend was a good one. Mine? Best one I’ve had in months πŸ™‚
Health is much better, spent it with my closest friends. Good times.
I feel blessed.

This Curves Around the World post is late by a few weeks and like I said in my Karma post, there’s a backlog that I am working on so expect a few more fashion posts this week.

My Sundays are always spent lazing around or heading out for a cuppa. On occasion we do have outings, birthdays and visits to the folks.

I have always been a denim and t shirt girl so my comfy, casual Sunday look is a no brainer.



Betty Boop T shirt – Forever 21 sz 1X
Cropped distressed jeans – ASOS Curve sz uk 18
tortoiseshell sunglasses – thrifted
tropical printed wedge heels – Rubi

My friend Nimisha and I have nicknames for each other that are a variation for the name Betty Boop (well, we Indianised it lol) and I have always found the character so adorable.

Lately I found some pretty interesting facts about the origins of Betty Boop but I will not regale you with details. Let’s just say the person who inspired this character was exactly as I had imagined years ago but I wasn’t sure if I was right.

I have always, always loved the combo of a white tee with lighter denim jeans. It’s casual yet stylish and a printed top adds some extra flavour depending oh the kind of print. It could be rock chic, cute, statement-making. I’ve always seen Betty Boop as a sexy yet cute character so that’s how I felt when posing for these pics πŸ™‚



Details of the Look






Here are the looks a few of my CATW girlies wore for this theme


Kate of Sparkles and Lace wore her jeans and jumper with rose gold studs on the sleeves from City Chic.


Thulisa of Thick Fit and Fabulous wore a printed dress with a plaid shirt accessorised with a floppy maroon hat and Doc Martens boots.


Nina of Curvy Mod wore a floral printed dress with a denim jacket, skinny belt and comfy brown sandals.

Check our everyone’s links:

Kate from Australia

Helen from England

Thulie from South Africa

Nina from the USA

Jennifer from Germany

Aislynn from Denmark

A few casual Sunday looks online that caught my eye:


Cassie Tank dress, SWAK Designs


New Look Inspire acid wash denim skater dress

A few casual Sunday looks from previous posts :




What is your Casual Sunday style?
Are there looks that you have seen in stores or done by a blogger that you’d like to try?

Wishing you guys a good week ahead,
chat soon my loves!

xxxo Aarti Olivia



6 thoughts on “Curves Around the World : Comfy Sunday

  1. I love Betty boop. I was told that she was of Mexican decent. Which makes sense. anyway. Aren’t you a doll all dressed up. U have such style!!! I wear my jcrew pj set the weekend if I have to go out it’s the closest mini dress I can find and go out !!!

  2. I love the white shirts and lighter denim they are such a great mix. I think it looks great how you mixed a printed flat show with the outfit it adds a little fun to the outfit. I don’t think I’ve said it yet but your hair looks great girl! πŸ™‚


    1. thanks Nina! Sorry I’ve been quiet, been a difficult couple of weeks. It’s getting better though πŸ™‚ I absolutely love your take in the CATW posts, we have such similar fashion senses! and I’m glad you like my mad mane of blonde πŸ˜€

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